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I want to move to Mauritius. How easy is it to start business over there, does the law allow anyone to start a small business like business center or foodstuffs business. You may tell me which business sales there for foreigners.

Hi Solly_456,

There are  opportunities to do business in Mauritius but you should comply to the law and requirements.

Here is the the link to the Board of Investment Mauritius webpage, have a look at all the categories :

You may also visit the Republic of Mauritius webpage and go through the quick links : … fault.aspx

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Hi Solly, and welcome on board !

the 2016-2017 budget will be proposed on Friday next week, occupation permits obtention rules may change ... stay tuned, we'll post a report a few days after the presentation

Thanks you, I wait to hear from you

hi Solly,

there are lot of opportunities in Agriculture and permit are easily obtained as govt is promoting this activity.

Hello,    What does the budget reveal for foreigner starting business

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Hi Solly

There are quite appealing investment opportunities in Mauritius, and it is always advisable to go in a line of activities, which you either are well acquainted with or love.

Setting up a Business Centre or a foodstuffs business will for sure not be accepted by the BOI, as they neither result in much value added, nor create jobs.

In Mauritius, the government is laying much emphasis on quite some sectors, such as Tertiary Education, Renewable Energy, or Medical Services, amongst others.

Best of luck in your endeavours.



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