Going to Istambul

Hello evryone,

We're going to Istambul next  Monday for 3  days so we would like to know if it's safe, where to go and not to go, do you have police eveywhere?

Thank you for your help


Hi Sihmet

Everyday life is back to routine in Istanbul. 

On the surface, things look normal, though it is certainly advisable avoiding crowded places. The mobs reportedly have tendency to get verbally rowdy hence it's best to dress moderate while heading out to a place where you mat expect a crowd gathering. 

Hopefully this helps.
If you have any other specific question, feel free to ask.


Hi there,
We went to Istambul for 4 days, it was wonderful, very normal didn't have to hide myself with long dress or long sleaves, it's very normal like when I went tow years ago.
We were in cross the road from the blue mosque, a lot of restaurant close by but not a lot of tourists wich is really too bad becausse it's a beautiful country.
You guys go there and enjoy your stay,



Great that you had a good experience. As I mentioned earlier 'Everyday life is back to routine in Istanbul.'

Just to clear, the advice was to dress 'moderately', never 'hide one's self with long dresses or long sleeves'.

The advice was place and time specific, since the post was made immediately after the coup incident. During that time, there were many reports of women wearing skirts getting harassed by the gathered mobs.



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