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I'm Vietnamese and living bien hoa city ( ~ 30km from hcm city) . I'm going to quit my job and really want to invest ~ 25-30k $ to start a business.

Now I am looking for serious  co-founder  who is also interested in set up a company or business in viet nam .Definitely all the legal document will be consulted by your lawyer and strictly followed vietnam policy before we are really co-operating. As for me the transparency is the most important factor that we can be succeed. The profit is 50-50

I carry six years experience in managing production and quality  n assembling company ( FDI invest).

My requirement is you also have to invest  equal money like me  and are strong in your field . We can start business based on your strength & major . My expectation is you should be strong in sale or finance or marketing.

Contact me via *** for all the discussion or ***

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Sir, you  published a short-listed article who needs to be re-written from a professional person. If you like you can approach me under XXX.
I'm working since 25 years in Vietnam with a transparent profile and recommendations
Background:  Banker, Industrial Loan Specialization, Deutsche Bank, Filiale Frankfurt **  IHK Frankfurt**Management Information Systems, M.I.S IMPACT University Punta Gorda, USA**MSC Communication & Service Management HSG (University of St. Gallen)**Master Craftsman in technical fasterners & automotive precision turned parts, Zürich > quality control certified AQL1 Robert Bosch, Stuttgart. I love productions :-)
This is not an application. I guess you are a very young entrepreneur and needs to be guided for the first steps instead of being criticized.  We can meet at one of my offices at Thao Dien, An Phu, Q2.
Friendly regards, MIckey

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@ khuyencf > It would be great if you can post an ad in the Vietnam classifieds section > Business partners, it might help you ;)

If you need guidance, do not hesitate to ask your questions on this platform.



guys , pls inbox me your contact , I will come back to u as the personal infor is not allowed to public here.

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@ Khuyencf, infos are allowed but in the proper section. Members can contact you directly through your advert looking for business co-founder for more precision.

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I am an expat living here for 3 years and looking for Vietnamese business partner.....***


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Looking for partner also, expat living here for 3 years...

What area of business are you interested ?
Eg. Production of ......

To begin. A contract. All funds go into holding company in US. Only multiple signature checks  written against the startup expenses. After startup fund distribution by bank managed draws to control accounts of participants. Pretty simply and transparent. Disputes settled by binding arbitration.

please read my Ad. as I was looking for a business partner too. If you like what you read we can start serious negotiations for set up of a VN company. Thanks and best wishes

Hello all :cheers:

Kindly note that we have an appropriate section dedicated to host adverts of business nature :

> Business partners in Vietnam


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