hotel work

hello fellow expats
my name is mark i have traveled to the Philippines for over 20 yrs,
and now i have decided that i would like to live and work in the Philippines,
all work considered,
i have retail management, and i have managed pubs here in the uk
for all the leading breweries,
can any one help me,,,,

did you try contacting any hotels or companies?

Hotels requiring native English speaking management is a good idea from [greenetravel]. They would have the influence needed to arrange your work permit/visa.

It may prove difficult, as the Hotel & Catering trade has many colleges/institutions here as it is a conduit for Filipinos to gain a trade/skill that facilitates them getting a better paid job abroad. Hotels/Catering is notoriously poorly paid (unless you are a star chef etc.) but it might be possible to get a junior/middle management position with the relevant experience you have?

Of course, being stuck working in a hotel day & night is not much fun no matter where in the world you are - but I guess you can get to enjoy a bit of the Philippines on any days off you have. Research larger hotel chains that have several properties in the Philippines, so you have the [potential] opportunity to live/work in a couple of regions.

Maybe someone like Shangri-La Group as they are: Manila - Cebu - Boracay?

You need to have a Philippine employer so that you can apply for a 9g visa (work visa).

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