Your new local habits in Thailand

Hello everyone,

Living in Thailand is a great way to immerse in a new culture and lifestyle.

Have you embraced local customs since you've lived in Thailand? If so, which one(s)?

Did local customs change the way you see things, appreciate life or organize your daily routines? As far as the language is concerned, did you learn new expressions or words and do you use them?

What do you like most about the lifestyle in your host country? Are there any local specificities you are still struggling with?

Thanks in advance,


There is a lot to say about the famous Thailand. But these are the most important part that you have to pay attention.

I rarely had to wake up at 4 in the morning back at home. But in the land of smiles, this is the time you have to get up and get yourself ready if you do not want to be late for work at 08:30. The long commute and the traffic jam is already bad but it gets worst when it is raining.

Apart from that, if you are a driver, good luck, as many drivers do not care about the rules and regulations. They do not give it a hoot at all here. So you have to be careful when driving a car, more importantly when riding a motorcycle or a bike because you might be extremely careful but there will always be a reckless driver bumping into you.

Let me tell you one of my driving experience that changed everything since then. I have witnessed a car accident when driving from Bangkok to the south with my pregnant wife back in 2009 early morning. At that time, I was doing 150 km/hr in a Vios when a Honda City went through us at more than 150 km/hr and a few meters in front, it went straight under a lorry. The only thing that were left to see was the boot. You could see blood dripping and one hand on the road among the other stuffs. The lorry did not even bother stopping at all. That was so traumatic, we were shell shocked. We could not provide assistance because in our mind, it all went blurry and grim. I could not drive anymore and had to stop at one of the gas station and spending time recuperating at one of their shop, the 7-11, until we can continue our journey because there was still 700 kms left to do. Since then, my wife and I took the decision to continue at a normal speed. I drove around 50-60 km/hr. I was supposed to reach Songkhla at 7pm, I reached there past midnight. Almost 19 hours where we were supposed to reach by 12-13 hours. Now, I rarely go above 80-90 km/hr. My father taught me that metal can be repaired and replaced, but we are neither repairable nor replaceable. It did not tick when he taught me that but after the accident, it all bloody made sense.

Lastly but not the least. Back at home, you were able to express your feelings freely, but in the land of smiles, you have to show restraint. There is a saying that most locals use when there is a fight, they always say "chai yen", which literally means "keep cool". Be aware that making a local losing face can be fatal. Since they always try to keep their coolness, it builds up inside until one day, they cannot hold it anymore. If you are the unlucky chap, you will be in great danger. So, always keep your calm and avoid trouble. … illing-two … van-pileup

Hi Everyone,
It really makes a great sense to share with you the life experience I have in Thailand specially Bangkok city.

The Bangkok people are really polite and will never be busy about your business and what you do  , they always show smile when ever they come across others either foreign or citizen but their problem is gossiping when you are buying something from them or when you ask question for help like when you lose directions and ask to show you or tell you the direction they laugh at the foreigner instead they help,  I don't know why? They are also some racism I saw from some of the Thai people but not all .

At side of food , the most amazing Thai food I saw is that selling different kinds of insects both alive and cooked . One day I saw a Thai woman collecting a worm from a wet soil. She was  scattering the soil  by a small stick in her hand looking for worms that came out the wet soil.

At side of transportation, the most amazing  I saw is that Thai women usually take their new born on their motorcycle driving small ways of the neighborhood without fearing to fall down and a very young Thai children driving motorcycles in the streets while my country is not allowed to drive such kind of young children.

At side of weather , Bangkok most of its weather is extremely hot and sometimes the person must use AC in his room in order to cool down him self though there is a cool and rainy seasons that you can live normally.

Thai people respects each other and they don't transgress each other for example you wanted to rent a car that you want to carry some  stuffs ,if you ask one of the drivers to carry for you but did not agree the amount you pay and you go to see others, you will never get others to carry for you until you negotiate the first one.

Thailand is a developed country and you can get different useful services that you have seen if you came from a developed country.
That's my experience in Thailand ,Bangkok

Thanks for reading

I am Swiss, living and working permanently in Thailand since 2011. I am married with a Thai.

I had to change my habits concerning timeliness, accuracy and trust. I had to lean, that you cannot trust lawyers or accountants, that they work properly and according to the law. You have to control and cross-check everything.

Working with Thai staff is also not easy. Common sense or working self dependant is mostly unknown. It takes a lot of time (and nerves) to guiding your staff.

Bureaucracy is huge and you waste a lost of time. The infrastructure is also not in good shape and proper management of it is also missing.

I am also irritate that moste Thai people don't take care of the environment or animal welfare. I am also irritated about the missing basic technical knowledge and damage on your stuff.

On the other hand, I very like the climate and the place where I live. I also very like the huge sense of family. But I had to learn who it works in Thailand.

In summary, Thailand has its advantages and disadvantages and for me, settling down here was a good choice.

I do not understand why travelers have difficulty visiting various cultures.  If you have traveled at all, it is called adventure.  Within one day you will meet someone.  I suggest a large City frequented by many tourists.  All tourist Cities have English speaking locals.  In Cities, all locals speak some English if they are younger than 30.  Their livelihood depends on it.  It is taught in school.  Start up a conversation with anyone and you will begin to learn from them.  All Thai's want to learn more English and will welcome a conversation with you.  Invite someone you meet for lunch or a drink.  If you are male, talk with a guy.  A woman may think you are hitting on them.  Do not go to a bar to meet someone.  They will want money from you.

When you talk to someone, ask about the area.  Where to go--where not to go.  Do not go out at night.  That is when things get wild and dangerous.  Use common sense.


Wow !!! That's a loaded question!!!

Many people come here to Party , go to the Beach, and generally hang out in the main Tourist areas.

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If you have been living here for years and have really immerse yourself with the Thais and its culture, you would see that there are lots of things that are being kept under the rug. All what you see and hear are just artificial.

Someone mentioned that self dependency is non-existent, that is extremely true. Thai have learned that they have to respect their superior without asking any question. If they are told to do it in any way, they will do it the same they have been told. No logical thinking at all. And believe it or not, the poster is also right that you can not trust lawyers, accountants, any so-called professional professions. Double check everything yourself.

I also must add that Thais do not really get along among themselves, be it in rural or urban areas. I have witnessed lots of quarreled which has been started because of different opinions or because of money. One advice I would give to any foreigner, especially those who are new here. Don't get yourself into trouble with Thais. I have posted one link in my previous post where someone used his pickup to kill the young woman who he had a fight with. Just be very wary and careful.

As long as you live your life immersing yourself in the culture without interfering into the Thais world, you will be fine.

Have lived in Thailand for five years, one year in a suburb of Nonthaburi and four years in a newly built house in Samutsongkram/Samutsongkan. Have access to broadband for the internet, satellite tv. Own our own Honda Civic. Wife drives as she feels that as a farang I don't have the patience to deal with the motorcycles on the road. When first arrived here could buy American products at Villa Markets, Gourmet Market and Foodland. That choice is slowly dying. You used to be able to buy frozen pizza, frozen waffles, salad peppers(like to eat them with my fried rice) but no longer My wife shops at the local temples(wat) and downtown. Since she is Thai she gets good prices. As a farang had been charged at tourist areas six times what a Thai is charged(don't do that anymore). Prices are the same for farang and Thai at Big C and Tesco Lotus Supercenters. Living here in the country away from a city where English is plentiful like Bangkok or Hua Hin, I rely on my translator, my wife in all Thai language situations. Here mostly all Thai. Have used Bangphaeo Hospital for all medical needs. Even though appointments are given, not followed. Plan on spending hours, one time thirteen hours, before seeing the doctor. Medical care quality excellent, prices so much cheaper than in US.

Yes Priscilla, my biggest problem is a health issues. I tried many different insurance companes but withfh our budget it is impossible to get a health insurance. Can you please suggeste any Thai cheaper alternative please. Best regards Auserb

I go to the local shopping mall nearly every morning and work out.Then hang around there trying to stay cool.
Trying to invent an airconditioning unit that I could wear on my head and face lol.

Hi Priscilla
I have found that I easily adapted to Thailand as I had decided I have moved here voluntarily and also have been visiting here since 2001.
I find the dirt  a bit of a problem and the treatment of animals as I love animals and the Thais have no concept of how to treat animals especially dogs and cats
The heat I have accepted but I do not like it.
I have aircon in the house even for any guests I may have from my home country.
The driving is not much worse than the home country except for the few (million) motorcycles on the road with no lights and no reflectors, wrong side of the road no helmets, balls to the wall speed and no decent brakes.
The culture is great and the people I have met are great and treat me well
I am happy here and intend to stay here as long as I can

In Thailand, able to choose fresh fruits and vegetables daily from the morning market.
Able to immerse yourself in fresh herbs and spices to assist with your health protection.
Fresh ginger and curcumin (turmeric) is ingested daily.
Going to bed earlier because of the early wake ups for workouts.  Able to replenish daily with Vitamin D with a few minutes in the morning sun.
Drinking several glasses Japanese green tea daily along with water.

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