short of Dollars ..

Hi friends
Going through critica condition ....unable to get dollars need to send it urgently to family in homeland ...where to get vitaminD IN GOOD RATES.

you can check Agorra in majjedee magu st. there's one local guy who's exchanging rufiya to dollars. He's one of the sales man.

Thanx u will look for this street ...
Thanx u my dear.

Make sure he's a legal trader, check the exchange rate on before you go and take a large friend with you if you intend to carry a lot of cash. an MMA fighter with a bad temper would be ideal.

Thanxz dear for your kind concern
I guess this majeede magu is no where in thinadoo ....

Plz dear to let me know some one who can give me change in thinadoo or in male so my cousin in male will pick ...

Thanxz again for ur concern  fred

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