Fast internet connection ??

Hello All,
Would love to know what the current internet connection like in Ethiopia,esp in Addis .I heard that it is upgraded to 4G.

Qn 1. Has anyone getting this service?? Is it reliable ??

is the connection reliable to skype , download big files ,etc ??

Qn 2 . Is there anyplacein Addis  like big hotels n restaurants u do get  free and reliable wi fi  service as a part of their package Starbucks in Z US??

Much appreciated if anyone updates me on this!!
Thank you,


Most hotels have free WiFi for guests.

Download speeds are slow compared to what you are used to, because all intetnet in Ethiopia, goes through satalite.


I ddn't try 4g but at the time i was there, 3g was fast enough (+100 kB/sec). The overall speed has increased in recent years, but unfortunately the stability of the connection has not. On some days, the connection will drop every few seconds, which especially sucks if you are using protocols depending on stable connection, like SSH.

If 3g is not working well enough, you can always use hotels as backup, especially the upscale hotels offer fast enough connection (but again, the stability may not be great).

In short, the connection in Ethiopia is ok for using Facebook, but for real work (like remote software development), you'll struggle.

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