Have a 6 month work contract in Uganda

hi all

I have been recently offered to work in Uganda to assist in getting a new branch setup in Kampala for our company

I am looking to chat to Ugandans, either in SA or Ugandan to understand the culture and what I can expect.


Hello Deano, Kampala is a great place - tho hectic!
Check out my blog Diary of a Muzungu for some of my experiences as an expat since 2009.

thank you i will
where did you move from?

Hello Deano,
Every environment has it's pros and cons, however, always have an open mind.
Am a local here in Uganda, and will surely help you understand some specifics about Uganda that you want to know.
Always look Ugandan and make it your second home, you will enjoy your stay even with the presence of confusion in the country :)
Until next time.

thank you, maybe we could email

We are here please to chat with you

woow usually going to a new place new country with completely different culture and livelihood is challenging. Ever experienced it when i went to china to buy new machinery for our just need to be keen and careful enough because usually people may like to take advantage of you.

Feel free to contact me for any help and assistance .i work and live in the capital city and i have been born and raised here.only left the country for a few years of studying.i know the do,dont,safe procedure how to not be cheated or over priced ,where to get genuine items at a friendly price and the safe spots to be in plus where best to setup a specific business.... will help you for free ,no charge.maybe you will also return by helping any person in the same need when they come to your country

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