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I am living in South Africa and want to submit my application for a long term Visa in Malaysia.  I have Googled some names who can assist, but I am worried if these people are legit. How can I be sure that the person on the other side is not a scam

If you mean a Long Term Social Visit Pass, you will need to come personally to apply. I never heard of any type of agent doing this work. And for that, you need a local sponsor, such as family or a wife.

Otherwise there is the employment pass, for that you need a job or form a company. There is also the retirement pass, for that you need a lot of capital and meet the requirements.

There ARE agents for job passes but the government wants to see the applicant personally--maybe not for domestic help, construction or restaurant jobs. But maybe so because notices on the walls at the immigration office tell people to apply personally for passes, not agents.  So, you have to come--once you understand the above and can meet those requirements.

As far as legit agents, in a sense all are legit. They will prepare and file your case but that doesnt mean success. The agent has no control over any decision of the department.

That said, just to come for a long time without a wife, job, school, surgery or retirement, there is no pass for that because you cant do it. You need a valid reason to be here, not just to hang out, for example.

Maybe someone else has better advice but mine is to explore the government website for types of visas, come on a trip and apply, and if you get into trouble seek an agent for advice. Most accountancy offices have lines on agents.

Thank you for your response
My husband and I want to retire in Malaysia
I looked on the Malaysian government Web but can not find any info in this regard
I Google and found an agent willing to help to submit the required docs for a fee
How can I validate this person's credentials
Maybe someone know TG from Company called Malaysia My 2nd Home
Is there anybod who went to Malysia as a retired person who can give me some advice pse

FYI, MM2H program can only handled/ submitted by legit agents registered with Malaysian Government. 2 of my clients are successful candidates of MM2H Program. Please let me know if you need any help.

U can message me here,  hi  we are the one that ur looking for,  we r direct from immigration and will do any kind of visa matters.. Feel free to contact us.. Thanks

Hi Mmiki9,

My family and I had the MM2H Visa until earlier this year when I ended it as I had already moved to Indonesia.

The MM2H is the correct way to proceed when you want to retire to Malaysia. When you say TG I believe you may be referring to TEG which is The Expat Group who run a free expat magazine in Malaysia and organize meet ups etc. They have been promoting their services as an agent for MM2H for a very long time and in their magazines they always give updates and advice on MM2H. However, personally I have always considered this as a profitable sideline to their magazine for making good money,

I actually used a different agent and I paid I believe totally RM6,000 for myself and my wife, but that was perhaps in 2007 or 2008. For me, the service provided by MM2H authorized agents is pretty standard and I don't think you need to pay more than about RM6 - 8k for the service. Some will ask for RM10k or RM12k but I find that unreasonable. So you could email TEG and ask them about their fees and what it covers. Incidentally, while the initial process for you and your partner to get the MM2H might be complicated, we actually applied ourselves for our children to get it directly with the immigration department, saving the RM2.5k that was quoted per child by our agent.

The CEO of TEG is Andy Davison and his picture is in every issue of the Expat Magazine read by so many expats in Malaysia. You can get info on his service in the following link:

But as I say, I am sure they are a good agent, you just need to check their price. My agent initially asked RM8k but I managed to negotiate him down to RM6k.

The Ministry of Tourism used to give out a list of the authorized MM2H agents but these days unfortunately I do not know how it is done. But for certain you should use only an authorized agent otherwise you could get ripped off.

Secondly you should read up on the requirements financially and timewise for applying for the MM2H. I believe that over 50's must deposit RM250k in a term deposit and under 50's meed to deposit RM500k. My initial deposit was only RM60 because I had invested more than RM1 million in property. But all these regulations for applying for MM2H are changing all the time, each month to month sometimes so they may be very different by now.

My MM2H agent passed away some years ago but I believe his son is still doing the business. Let me try to find out what they are charging these days. Please always remember that whatever an agent asks you can usually bargain it down quite a bit.


Hi Mmiki9,

I have just posted a thread about MM2H which together with the links at the bottom can probably answer many of your questions. One of the links lists all the Registered MM2H Agents. You can also apply directly to the MM2H Department although that would take time and might mean a few trips to Immigration if your documents are incomplete or incorrectly filled out etc.


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