Residence Permit for Retired man and his wife


My wife and I are seriously thinking of retiring to Mauritius and obtaining a residence permit.

According to the information that I have been able to obtain it would appear that one can obtain a permanent residence permit after 3 years providing one deposits $ 40000 per annum for each of the three years.

My question is:  Do we both have to pay a deposit of $ 40000 per annum (me and my legal spouse to whom I have been married for 45 years)?  This would then be $ 80000 per annum for the three years.

Thank you and kind regards

Ronnie Kuhn


You will be the principal applicant and your wife will be your  dependent ( she will get her permit as such)  and only you will have to prove that you are bringing in $40K annually  ( or vice versa  :D  in fairness and to be politically correct) to be used for living/residing  on the island.

Thus $ 120K for three years


Thank you very much for this information - Mauritius here we come!!!


The following site will clarify things for you: … ermit.aspx

Hi there!
We are from SA and have been living here for 2 years on that specific permit. Only you have to put that amount in. She will be registered as your dependent.
Any other questions?

Hi I am planning to move from dubai united Arab Emirates. I would like to know about the life in Mauritius. Thanks.

Hi Ronnie
You need to read the BOI information carefully and also you can email them for any queries you may have - the way I read it you have to have had a residence permit for three years as a retired person having brought in $40k each of the three years, THEN you can apply for a permanent residence permit for a further ten years.
Will Young

I would advise you to get all the information before taking this big step, take care to read the finer print in any information you receive.  We have lived in Mauritius for 14 years (we are Mauritian born) and we had a few expats friends who were disappointed with the supposedly "permanent residence permit".  Permanent doesn't mean "forever".  Another complaint was that the goal post keeps changing, rules get changed over the years.  Just be aware of all the different rules.  Good luck with your project.

Hi Ronnie  just wondering if your wife is Mauritian ??  that changes the whole thing if so .

If not let me know , my husband has lots of info re this as he got his permit last year
kind regards

What would you like to know ??

Its a lot different than  Dubai ,  actually nicer  a better life


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