Looking for Kababayan.

Is there a filipino community hr in Solo Indonesia, im just new hr?

Hi, and welcome to the forum.
An introduction would be nice, and might well help you find new friends.

Thanks, were u live hr in indonesia? I just wondering if ders a filipino group community hr on my place so I can join with them?

I knew of many in the BSD area in Tangerang, most working in schools, but I have rarely been to your area, so don't know any there.
I haven't been in contact with any over the last couple of years because I moved house.

Hi Jayden,
Welcome to Indonesia...
Yes indeed as Pak Fred says;
in BSD Tangerang area @ Jakarta you can find Filipinos as a teacher on private schools, but i guess now is the holiday period for them.
For Solo city no any idea,?
Frankly just humble proposition you can try on social media, or on a forum on FB etc. might be helpful...
Sure trying to introduce your self & giving some details, occupation and etc etc.. will be more specific & helpful.

Have a  great time
Ersin :)

Oh i see , anyway thanks for the info. It really hard for me start up hr with my son coz most of them are not speak english so now im startin to learn bahasa. Have a great day fred! 😊

Thanks ersin . Have a great day too! 👍🏻😊

Your welcome Jayden,  have a great day  ''Hari baik :)''  also... 
Cheers  :cool:

Hi Jayden,
welcome to Indonesia
If you need help around BSD serpong area so I'm living here.. .

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