Hajj or Umrah not permissible in family visit

My parents visa stamping is done last week . But there is a stamp "Hajj or Umrah not permissible". So I am afraid that they cannot able to do umra..They are coming to perform umra....??

Yes, it's not allowed to perform Umrah or Hajj on any kind of visas except the dedicated Umrah and Hajj kinds. If unlucky enough and they catch the violation, the penalty as per MOI website is 25,000SAR and deportation; including deportation of the sponsor (you in your case).

They are lenient so far and usually not checking on this. That's how many people do away with it.

Let us see when do they get strict/flexible on it.

So you suggest not to do umra on that..?

Go for it as almost everyone does.
But be aware of its legal standing and risk involved.

So by Flight it will be more risky or by road? which one you prefer..

In my opinion, flights are more risk-prone as travellers have to pass through strict security procedures. But it's preferred way of commute because our family visitors are usually old parents.
One thing you can do is to put on ehraam inside the plane when an announcement is made that it is about to enter the haram area.

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