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I am abstract painter. Love to sit and paint togather with other art lover / painter locally or globally  . We could exchange Ideas, discuss or even exchange paints/mediums ( paints are very costly !) Art is endless experiment!

It's much fun to mess with art togather!

Do join me if you are interested !🌹

Hi Megna, have you ever heard of The Refinery on Jalan Sentul?
They do an Art Jam session every Sunday 1pm-4pm, all you have to pay for is the canvas and you can just sit in the studio and either chat away with other painters or listen to music as you paint. Plus point: there is an awesome specialty coffee roastery and coffee shop right next to the studio.
I try to go there every week, hope to meet you there!!
Bee … an-sentul/

Sounds interesting. I knew the place but never knew such programme .

Yeah! Will join soon. Hope to catch up with u.

Thanks for the info 😘

Hello there,

i'm Aishah .  I'm oil painter artist .. i'm staying in Kuala Lumpur . Great to know you .. Coz we same interest. Do visit my website

Regards ,


Can we have some conversation on whatsapp?

Hi Aisha .  Nice to know you 😄. Will check it out

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