Football/Rugby Teams in KL

Hey guys,

I've been in KL a while now (7 months) after moving from London. I'm wondering if there are an expat football teams (5 or 11 a side) or rugby teams I could join??

I've played both most of my life, so just after a run around and meeting new people!



Hi Will,

Welcome to expat-blog!

Best of luck :)


Hi mate,

I play for RSC over in Mont Kiara.

Good set of lads and decent standard of rugby. Training is Tues & Thurs.

If your interested drop me a PM and I'll send you some more det's.



How was the rugby Will? Any good. I'm planning to move to KL shortly and a rugby club was going to be my first stop.


any football/futsal games that i could join?

For football take a look at the teams playing in the expat league:  I think a new season will be starting shortly.


a friend of mine is also looking for a team that he could join. he's 21 years old and arrived in KL around 4 months ago. he used to play as a striker but is pretty versatile and can play in other positions as well.

Select a team shown in the link, make contact and start playing.

Hi Guys

That link doesn't seem to be working anymore

Are there any soccer leagues or rugby leagues going on at the moment that I could join up?

Yes -

Hi thanks for the response

NO there is definitely an error with the page, it doesn't feed thru, just stops me a parallels site..... 

Is there no other way to find out?

Well just copy paste it instead dude.

Hey mate,

Just wondering if you've found anything. I'm looking for a club now just to fill my weekend time.

I'd appreciate your answer please.


I am also now quite sure of any Kuala Lumpur based expat football teams but it's good to know that you are starting to get to know more about your new place. I am sure there are a lot of football teams in Malaysia since I believe Football is becoming a very popular sport in the country. If you ever found any, please PM me because I am also planning to move to KL. I am also quite interested in learning more about the culture of football in Malaysia and other non-European countries ever since I got introduced to the sport. I have always been a huge football fan since then. You can also visit Dafabet Sports ( for more football related news.

Hi just wondering is there any teams for girls? Let me know. I'm interested to learn how to play!

Aye up, any rugby clubs here that I could potentially join. preferably close to Subang. Very keen.


aye up pal,

are you still playing rugby?

Hey !

Check out KL Saracens

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