Please help!! Moving to Toronto, Canada

Hi All,

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

OK, here we go... I am a British citizen living and working in the UK and thinking about immigrating to Canada. I have relatives and my fiance who live in Toronto. I have visited Canada on a number of occasions and now feel I am ready to make that move permanently.

I have been on a number of websites about immigrating and still no closer in understanding how I would even begin the process.

From my understanding, I can be sponsored through a relative or my partner? Or I can apply for jobs there and the company will be able to do this? What visas are requiredI? Etc. have started the process in applying for jobs over there based on my skills, experience and qualifications. This can be a long process I have been told.

Can anyone help in providing me with a step by step guide on how to start this? How long each stage can take? Checking various websites can be very confusing!!


Hi RDani85

Welcome to ;)

I advise you to have a look at the website : ,  all the procedures that you need to go through are already listed as well as information about visa .

I also advise you to have a look at the Canada expat guide for more information. :)

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Thank you Priscilla.

I will have a look at the sites.

Reach out to me and I will try to provide relevant information and assistance

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