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Dear everyone, Hi
I am new in this site, i have query about Immigrate to Canada. I am from India, i did Diploma in Electrical Engineering and now working in Saudi Arabia as Junior Electrical Engineer, Now i want to move to Canada. could any one provide the details, how to immigrate to Canada. please in details.

Hi you can contact    .   Its recruitment agency in Alberta /Edmonton based. First you send your biodata. There is 72 occupation there list. so first check which one match your present job. If they select then you will pay only 100/120 dollars only. Even you try your self by job search.

Thanks faruque

You are well come. If you need any further information pls do not hesitate. I already got job offer from Canada after very long time try. I guess end of Dec 2015 get Immigration document with Canadian Employer offer letter.

Faruque Ahmed Khan

Oh, now u r in Canada, on which post u r working. i will send the request in Linkedin.

Hi, my name is jasmeen kaur.I am from India,and I have done M.A ,B ed and Pgdca and I have at least three years teaching experience in 1998 to 2000.and now I am doing job at Sri guru ram das dental college Amritsar as an clerk.from 2006 to till. Can I apply for immigration for canada. What can I do now

Hei Thanks for your mail.  just check Canadian immigration website       or Express Entry 2015 ( follow Canadian Express Entry 2015 site)  Canadian job/Canadian dream. Permanent residence, Live and work total solution actually Express Entry 2015. Your education, Your Age, Your work experience, Good IELTS score you will get points different way. From out sight get a Canadian Job its really hard actually. However recently some Canadian recruitment agent  process this kind of work permit. If you get job offer from Canada then your score will be high. its 600 points. As i know teaching profession very high demand in Canada. Hope by express Entry you may get good marks. If you need any more information without hesitation can mail me. I will try my best for reply.

Have a nice evening.

Hi Faruque Bhai,
how did you get job offer for Canada.Is it was through,
or it was from another source? Please guide me..and please tell about wilsonwalkercanada, is is reliable source or fake..?

Thanks for your mail. Honestly still i have not any job offer. Yes i am involved one motel owner from 2012 and he apply for me Canadian immigration dep (Service Canada) but they refuse  motel owner. 2013/2014 a lot of changes for foreign worker. Yet i have phone call every  month and talk.

I already paid Wilson walker 99 dollar. Still i am very confuse about what they do or not. From here Canadian job offer as like God gifts, yet i am trying  my self, but wait 01 Jun whats news come. You can contact by mail or mobile i will assist and give more information.   ***

Thank you

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Thanks Faruque Bhai...sure now I will contact you through your /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\..

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