Bringing my own nanny to Bahrain

Hello all,

We will be moving to Bahrain soon and I am trying to understand some details about finding a nanny / maid. I read some non-pleasant stories about finding the right candidate through the agencies. Therefore, I started to consider bringing my own nanny with me. Is it legally possible and if yes what is the procedure, is it too costly?

Also, what is an average monthly salary for a full time nanny or maid. My kids will be at school during day time. I am expecting from maid to take care of the house till the kids come back from the school. After that take care of the kids. They are at 9 and 5 years old. Therefore, not a really nanny position.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you in advance.


Just go through the below mentioned posts, we had few similar discussions down there


Thank you logicalindian. Very useful information.
By any chance do you know the approximate cost of the residence and work permits in Bahrain.
Thank you again...


This link should give you the info.


Great! Thanks a lot...

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