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I am looking for the names of companies / individuals who could assist me with the detailed requirements/paperwork that I should understand/complete as a returning Mauritian.

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following - as I am interested too!

Hi all.

No contacts or feedback on this subject?


Hi a returning resident from where?

There is this scheme
frankly the paperwork and evidence required makes my head spin

There is also a returning resident scheme that also requires paperwork overload such as producing 5 years of original payslips. if you are anything like me I don't where this months one is let alone last 5 years.

Good luck.  Happy to chat on DM if you like.
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I can advise and assist. Kindly contact me.


Hi Gawesh. I sent you a message. Did you receive it?

Hi Dean,

Thanks for your message. I received it and just replied to it. Kindly check and revert.


HI Returning resident you will need to bring your payslips for 5 was abayears , all your NPF tax and all related proof of documents stating you was working abroad.
Please bear in mind that  MRA /immigration will track all your number of days who have spend as vacation in Mauritius and this will remove from your 5 years .Try to calculate if possible stay 1 -2 month to cover those days. I had same experience in the past. I came Mauritius after 11 years from Tanzania. For 10 years stay you no need to produce any papers.

Thanks Rishi. Do you have a contact name or number of the relevant authority that I could speak to? Thanks again


Did you receive my reply?


Hi Gawesh

I did thank you. Will reply asap.


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