Female friends in Riyadh :)

Hi ladies

So I preivously mentioned I will be coming to Riyadh to work at King Faisal hospital and have spoken to some kind people who have been kindly enough to tell me about Riyadh..much appreciate all the lovely messages..

however as my time is now fast approaching am just looking for any "female friends" who also live in Riyadh or working at this same hospital..

Now that everything is finally falling in place am becoming more scared (to the point I want to decline my offer) but just think my nervous are getting the better of me..  And the thought of leaving my family and friends is prob also not helping  :sosad:

So if there's any lovely ladies on here to talk to that be great  😌

Thanks in advance

Welcome to Riyadh  :)

I know how do you feel, it was the same feeling I felt when I left my family here in Saudi and went to the United States.
But don't worry you are going to make many friends, people her are nice.
I am a Saudi female, married with 2 kids, and we just came from the state 4 months ago.
It will be lovely to talk to you and welcoming you.


Thank you for your message, so far I have heard many positive things which is good, for me it's mainly the thought of not knowing anyone but I think with time things will all fall into place,,will be nice to talk with you too,,do message me ☺️

Where in the states did you go,I have been there on holiday a few times to visit family.

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