Good laptop for sale?

Hi everyone. We're living in Guatemala now, but the son of our friend and Spanish instructor (based in Quito) is in need of a good laptop. By 'good' I mean higher end RAM and video processing. He's in college now and his current laptop has died. He does AutoCAD, so unfortunately the average computer won't do. And unfortately, they don't have the means to just run out to the store and buy the newest model. Please PM me or post here if you happen to be selling a good laptop and I can forward your information to them. Thanks!

Last year (2015) I bought an HP laptop at SuperPaco at QuiCentro Mall in Quito, and was surprised at the price -- only $503.

It works, but I needed something more streamlined, so I purchased a MacBook Pro a few months later.  I’m typing on the MacBook now.

I’d resell the the HP at a major discount to what I paid .. if y’all can wait several weeks while I’m traveling.  I just arrived in Colombia today and the HP is locked away in Quito.

You may use the PM personal messaging on this site to contact me .. available at my avatar.  I do not have the HP’s model number, RAM count, etc. specs with me on the road, however.

cccmedia from Medellín, Colombia

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