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Hello Guys,

I am currently looking for a Hotel/Resort opportunities in Maldives as a Guest Relation Executive or Front Office Associate and my partner is looking for sea plane jobs thou we tried every possible way to apply for potential employers online, its still not enough. Can you help us find promising sites that we can send our Cv's? And can you tell us what will be the best approach. Thanks for your help :)

Hi sis, have you tried

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Hi, there

I am also interested in applying jobs on the island country.

I have just tried applying through the site jobs in maldives.

I suggest you do try as well. Good luck and have anice day.

Send me info later if you have succeeded.



Hello barbosaCarla,

Were you able to find a job already in Maldives?

Thank you!


Yes there a lot. i can give you some link / sites to upload your CV. if not I can help you by sending. KIT

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