UAE or Seychelles ?!

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I got two jobs offer in Dubai and Mahe, both of them gave me $500 as a base salary without incentive yet. Accommodation and meals are provided, except during day off. Both of the company are international based organisation, so I am not sure which country I should choose as a fresh graduate from college. I know the salary is relatively not high, but just want to know the life quality and which country I can save most of my salary.


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You may want to check out the cost of living in each country before choosing where to relocate. Indeed the $500 is not much, but it can be enough in Seychelles compared to Dubai which has a higher cost of living :

> Cost of living in Seychelles

> Cost of living in Dubai


Thanks for your suggest, yes I know that $500 is not much, but I guess this is what the industry is like (I am working for hotel) but anyway I will try to negotiate. Thanks for your reply!


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