just come to brazil to go to the USA

Do, most of the people! that come from third world, just come to brazil to go to the USA

Yes Pete , Disneyland , there are some cheaper packages here ....they come to Brazil to go to Didneyland

and stay there

That seems to be the Shortest Route, for I see Brazil is refusing a 100,000 Refugees so that's less for the states to re-route.This is ridiculous.

there all coming to Brazil for the so called holiday, and then making the way to the USA
I think you might see what has happen and is still happening in Europe happening to the USA

I believe they want to live in the Magic castle with Mr Mickey Mouse in Orlando ...

it better be a very big wall. Because the third world lot "I know", are all flying to the, good old USA LOL

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An article I did!

CraigF :

An article I did!

Craig is it in Americano somewhere for reading.
Pete we have a labor shortage and no one knows brick and mortar for it has all been contracted out and money is a issue. It is my understanding there will be 2 walls one between Central America and Mexico and one between Mexico and the US so I guess there will be massive shipbuilding to sail around both walls. This has gotten completely out of anyone's control. What madne$$.

Nope, sorry only in Portuguese. ***

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just run it through google translate , you will lose some expressions and contexts but get the overall gist....

they don't buy new boats and ships, they buy old one,s and then sail them out, and when they see the USA, the, they ring for help and start to sink they boats so the USA, must help them and bring them back to the USA soil
That's how it works

like in the Uk, we are told, we need the new migrants as cheep labour,
ok yes I understand that
but what about all the cheap migrants that came in last year
well they all want more money, so they not cheap anymore
and we cant send them back

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Hi Pete

Me as a Pakistani am kinda surprised and at the question that you have posted!

Although I agree with Steve Funk on the packages for Disney World lol!

However people on this forum have usually shown unity and respect towards each other and I believe still do. 

Me myself I have lived and worked in Atlanta/ New York/ Dubai / London / Qatar just to name a few places and for the past year I have been living in Brazil and am lucky to be a father to a Brazilian son.

My answer to your question is NO. 

Furthermore just to add a bit more details I do know of a few people from Spain and UK and the Statees and Canada even who have moved from there respective countries and have made Brazil there 2nd home. 

If you have anymore questions for anyone coming from a 3rd world country then please feel free to contact me :)

Have a great day


what I don't understand, is why someone from the 3rd world, comes here to brazil,
I asked this question to a number of people from 3rd world country's, and they all said there here to go to the USA and not to stay here,

I'm coming for I am tired of the Whole World. The language is hard and the heat is crazy,yet it's life. And there are no do overs.

Alascana :

I'm coming for I am tired of the Whole World. The language is hard and the heat is crazy,yet it's life. And there are no do overs.

Alascana, have you had a tipple or two, before weighting this, I could drink a whole bottle of cascara, and probably made a better job LOL

Hi Pete

I am guessing you must not have met a lot of people from 3rd world countries.  As it would be quiet surprising that "most" of them end up giving the same answer. 

However I know of a few people other than I who also come from these so called "3rd world" countries and are simply here to pursue a better life and take care of them and there families.  These include refugees / employees of different corporations and even parents or husband / wives who are here to stay with there loved ones.

Most of them are not here to goto the "States"


Are your you having a better life, have you found work here in brazil, or have you created work for your self,

Hi Pete

Yes I am having a better life.  I love the atmosphere, the people, even the way the government handles the paperwork has been pretty good in my opinion.

At the beginning I had to find work and it was a bit challenging as I was not that fluent with Portuguese, however after knocking on a few doors, a few opportunities did come by my way. 

Lastly for the last 6 months or so I have taken my own CNPJ and have started on my own venture.

What about you btw?  Am presuming you love some parts or aspects of Brazil just as much as I do :)!


why Brasil should accept 100 000 refugiees?

Please explain to me how to go to America from Brazil

by car, by bus. walk if your that way, but everyone is here and then heading for Mexico, and going a cross the boarder

but this way is difficult will not pass on the border ,,??????????????????????????????????

You do realize Brazil is nowhere near Mexico....almost 9000km to the USA Mexican border.

Nothing is difficult, only you make it difficult, by saying it difficult,
when there's a will, then there's a way,
if you really want something in life, then go and get it, no one can stop you, when your will is stronger than there's

yes I know how far it is,
why do you ask

Why Brazil then....why not just go directly to Mexico , or at least somewhere in central America, your theory doesn't make sense

In 1973
My brother,, His wife, and my self, hitch-hike the over land route to Australia
and do you know how far that is

because it don't make sense, "that's" why it, dose make sense,

greattt  wordssss

Hi everybody,

This topic is starting to become silly.

If people from the third world go to Brazil, maybe it is to have a better life.

People expatriate in order to have a better life and to know more about living abroad.

I think that everything has been said as well, therefore we are closing this thread.

Thank you all,


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