The "R" word

never heard of the "r" word?  it's because it probably doesn't exist where you come from.  the "r" word here stands for "rude".  rude behavior is a way of life in the dominican republic.  here's just one

i pass a fruit vendor cart and stop to purchase a pineapple.  no other customers, just me.  the vendor selects the pineapple, cuts off the stem, tells me the price and i hand him a bill that needs change. 

he's got the pineapple in one hand and the 100 peso bill in the other when a loud shout from just behind me startles him.  "give me two of those bananas" makes the vendor stop his transaction with me and focus on the shouter.  "no, not that banana, the one next to it". 

the vender complies with the shouter's demands takes his money and then goes back to handle my order.

it's as if i simply didn't exist when the shouter arrived.

what accounts for this infantile behavior among dominican adults?  are they somehow trained at an early age in how to be inconsiderate to others?  who is to blame, the shouter for his rude behavior or the vender for not telling him to wait until he finishes with his customer?

what's your example of rude behavior you have experienced in the dominican republic?

I can probably post more examples of rude behavior among the expats and tourists than the locals.
Bob K

That is rude by YOUR cultural standards, not here.  YOU have to adapt to here not the other way around.

While I also don't like it much, I have accepted it for the reality it is.

My advice, get over it, nothing will change.

shame on bob k and the planner:  you are both off topic.

Actually we are NOT.

you guys tried to kill the messenger instead of replying to the question

No we did not, YOU did not like the message.   

What you experienced is COMMON and NORMAL here.  Stop judging with  standards from elsewhere and you might survive.......     

What we say is NOT meant to be critical of anyone, it is the reality of living here.

once again you stray far off topic planner.  the topic question is not whether or not i should get usted to conditions in the dominican republic.  the topic question specifically asks for members to provide personal experiences with dominican rude behavior.  if you do not wish to reply to the topic question, you don't have to.  but i think that challenging a question you don't like instead of dealing with it falls into one of several categories designated as unacceptable debating methods (i don't recall the latin terms).

Really dude, you are ridiculous.

I can give you HUNDREDS of examples and thats just from the last  2 months.  The point two  well experienced members tried to make with you is to accept and adjust.

sorry honey. you still persist in remaining off topic.  and insulting the questioner by calling him "ridiculous"  is another poor debating tool.  i still love you anyway.

actually my topic question was a little more complicated than just providing numerous examples of rude behavior.  the topic asks for some analysis of what may be causes of such behavior beyond just labelling it as "cultural".
so the topic is open to some deeper level of discourse as to social, political, psychological... factors contributing towards this seemingly common behavioral trait.

Both Bob and i tried to do that. 

For the record not insulting you, insulting your posts!   I do not know you at all except by what you put on here!

It seems to me that you are labeling this kind of behaviour specifically to people of the Dominican Republic. I would label it differently. I have found that this behaviour is very common in a lot of different cultures around the world including Canada and the US. What Planner and Bob are trying to tell you is to learn to live with it. You cannot change it.


i am thinking of starting a new topic asking why members refuse to answer the topic question.

It's a voluntary forum NO ONE is required to respond!  Maybe there is a message in that????

carlvelas :

i am thinking of starting a new topic asking why members refuse to answer the topic question.

Maybe it's because your only response to anyone's input is to say they're "off topic" (which has the markings of a troll).  If you're not prepared to accept answers, don't ask the question.

Save yourself the trouble.....I'm off topic....



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