Hi there, just wondering what would be a good business if you have 100K? We plan to retire back home in a year or two. We saved but still need a way to sustain our daily needs. Can anyone give us a rundown of daily or monthly expenses (minus rent/we own a house). We have a good size lot and we plan to grow our own food like fruits and veggies (organic living). Also is Cavite and Batangas a great place to live and start a business?

Can anyone can give us advice for starting a business with 100K budget (or less) and what type of business would that be? one of our plan is to start a coffee shop/bakery good for 25, not sure if this is do-able though with our budget.

Thanks in advance for your comments and advice  ;)

i would suggest u to make clothing business by that capital. u can be a very good clothing dealer in ur area. i have seen a lot of people are earning very good amount of money just investing less than that amount. so i would suggest u to invest half of the amount for clothing and rest u can invest something else. Filipinos are very much shopaholic they love to buy a lot cloths. from my exp. i wd say clothing business. if u are in need of direct supplier for Bangladesh clothing items let me know. thanks

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We met 2 expats who invested their money in family businesses that failed to work and were forced to sell off at a loss. The family insists on being all employed and that is the main trouble because they haven’t any idea of making a business work.  A hair dressing salon in the centre of town where we went for my wife to have her hair cut, just a “choir boy” type style and all the girls didn’t know how to do it. A pc internet cafe also ran by the family that didn’t make money. An English guy in Lemery put all his savings in family investments and lost it all.  So for the business to work, employ qualified staff that is if the family will allow it !

We know an expat friend in Lemery who opened a mobile phone business and was doing well until several other Filipinos opened a similar business nearby. If you can think of something new thats isn't around and maybe profitable then thats the way to go OR a business that charges less than whats around for the same thing?  Coming from abroad you may have an idea that hasn't been used yet and involves a machine that you can import.  Proving a service of some sort is the alternative to selling. Learn a skill abroad and use it in the Philippines. There is the popular business of  single apartments near to a large shopping complex that always do well but remember that these need some planning and employing the sturdy furniture, convert a large rambling house into smaller living accommodation. Don't have families because they bring problems. Even provide a quick snack breakfast for workers....mmmmhhhhmm smell that coffee already

if you need to start and own a business to be able to live in the philippines best advise dont come stay where you are.

Very true yet foreigners marry girls that expect an income and this is where the "start a business " begins. Met a young Filipino couple who had made a good amount from a sari store that was close to a school. He had family members out in the road taking orders to reduce the time with serving which i though was a good idea. A member of the family was stealing from him and he found out when the member bought a new motorcycle  which of course he couldn't afford with his salary. So good money can be earned if the business is well thought out.


I'm Jco..i want to let you know that people in here likes to eat but with low price, you can open bakery store but i think not really fast to earn money.

100,000 pesos. A family can steal that much in a week. I can tell you all sorts of true stories. The sari sari store with the profits literally eaten, the internet cafe with the equipment sold, one of my favorites, the fish farm with the fish that never grew because the family sold the big fish and replaced them with small ones. 100K is not much to start with and whatever you do you need to watch the business every minute of every day or you will be wiped out by your own employees.

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