Shipping UK to Malta- recent experience and timing queries

Hi everyone

I've read what I can about shipping on here, but I'm missing some info, and it would also be good to hear about recent shipping experiences. My questions are as follows.

1. How does it work with shipping your personal effects etc over, but you haven't secured permanent accommodation? I'm not sure about the best timing, as obviously it would be better to receive our things at our permanent address. However, we won't know this address until we are there so would the shipping company be able to do this?

We are moving at a prime time so it could be a couple of weeks between arriving and moving into permanent accommodation. I'm not sure what shipping date to pick, i.e. should it be before we fly over, or should we ask family to help with sending our stuff at a later date.

2. Can anyone give recommendations of shipping companies they have used for recent moves from the UK? Previous forum posts are either quite of date (some companies/links not working) or are just dealing with shipping smaller items rather than a pallet or two of personal effects. We don't know the exact weight/size of our shipment yet so using the 'fixed weight' type forwarding services doesn't seem to be the right choice.

If there is any problem with naming companies on here, then I'm happy to receive a PM instead.

Many thanks

Shiplowcost has a parent company express trailers. They can ship almost any size. Used them last months with success

As for not having an address. Sounds like a nightmare you might need to look at temp rosary storage this side or in the UK. I moved the essentials first by weight while my stuff was in storage then the rest later

Be aware though here almost all rental places are furnished it's a giant pain in the arse as most furnishings are rubbish too. So you will find you probably won't need half your stuff and can't use it anyway.

Thanks for that volcane, will look them up.

Yeah we def aren't shipping anything one than personal stuff and clothes, so it shouldn't be a huge shipment.

Worst case we'll get the stuff delivered to our temp address then move it ourselves, but that isn't ideal!

Then by weight is the best. I bought a number of those strong 64 litre "really useful box" things and filled them up with books and whatnot.

I think I had 23 of them mainly books so around 30 to 40kg each - shipping was less than 300 euro. Real bargain.

Those specific ones are strong stacks easily and you can zip tie the lids securely. They are see through so I put addresses on large printed paper inside so they can't damage

Shiplowcost put the lot on a pallet and wrapped it in giant sheet of cling wrap and it was super sturdy and no problems at all. Traditional boxes won't be good.

Those plastic boxes are pricey but I got reject ones off Amazon - had some bad colour streaks - that helped and you will most likely move a few times till you settle here so strong reusable boxes are a good investment.

That's a great tip, thanks. I think we will buy plastic boxes and those clothes bags you suck the air out of whatever they are called. Altogether they should stack up nicely and I don't think the weight will be that much.

Having moved a few times in the last few years I have already been ruthless with books, only keeping very special ones and non fiction. Thank goodness or we would probably have double the weight!

Appreciate the tips very much. Will see what the shipping companies say about delivery address and will update the post in case others have the same query.


We used 1st move international who were very good and reasonably priced.

What did catch us out and it was my fault for not reading the quote correctly was that a lot of shippers quote to the docks in Malta. make sure you get door to door, inclusive of landing charges and customs clearance.

We also used the vacuum bags and took our maximum limit on the plane 3 cases each. As it is one way its reasonable, just a lot to drag to the airport. The vacuum bags also are invaluable for storing your winter wardrobe in summer and vice versa.

What we also did was place our belongings in storage for a month and got family to help arrange pick up from the storage facility. This is simple as everything is already packed and ready to go. It also gives you opportunity to reconsider things you may have packed and later realise you wont need

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