Versatile guy looking for opportunity.

Good morning everyone.

Let me just say few things about my life and working experience.
Grew up in rural parts, so I am good with plants and farms. Have a bit of knowledge when it comes to animals, and I like them. Used to hard manual labor, early morning duties as it usually is on most of the farms... But that is just life.
When it comes to professional exp, I have been working as close protection operative for some time now, 4 years, but before that, I was in the army, where I was part of SUFEE... I guess that makes me OK.
Even at this point, I am working as head of security in a local Embassy and a personal chauffeur. A bit young, but experienced.

But, as told in the title, I am versatile. I like any type of manual work, labor, you name it. In my free time, I own a little shop for restoring old vehicles and furniture, I do sandblasting and hydro dipping.

It may sound off, but some people (like my self), enjoy learning and doing new stuff. I gave it a try as painter, carpenter, graphic designer... And I loved it.
I am not professional in these occupations, but I am not afraid to work, and if one is patient to learn me new things, I am glad to learn and earn them!

So, just a bit of me, so if any one is in need of anything, feel free to talk to me about it, I am more than open minded and free.

Would also add that I am not looking for Reykjavik only, every other place is more than welcome, as long as I hit Iceland.

My wife is EU member passport holder, so I do not need special Visa.

Thanks, and hope to hear from someone soon!

Kindest regards.

Hello and welcome to the site,

As your message is mostly centered on working, I'd recommend you browse the JOBS section of the site, and/or post your CV there for interested employers to find.

Good luck

Romaniac Experts Team


Thanks for advice, and sorry if I made a mistake in posting this topic (thought it was work relater).

Anyways, thanks again!

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