Zain Wifi Issues

I am not getting far with my provider so thought I'd try other routes to fixing my problem.

My new Huawei 5372s and unlimited contract will not connect reliably to the internet.

The connection is made initially but after a few minutes can no longer access the web.

It seems there is a connection to internet but this gets choked or cut off.

Any idea's

I thought maybe the DNS may need changing so if you have something that works let me know.

By the way apple user


sorry to hear that. Kindly provide me your sim serial number.

hi if you could send me an email address to xxxxxxxxx I can send screen shots etc of the modem and the internet diagnostics from my apple laptop.

I went to zain shop twice their systems were down and they thought the connection was fine as it would work while in the shop but on the way home fell out again.

You might want to try this:

Tips on how to get the best speed from your wifi router/mifi. Most of the people place their wifi router in the middle of the living room or next to your laptop which usually will have the worst 4G/LTE signal.

Rule of thumb is to place your wifi router near to window and as high as possible. For example, I place me wifi router on top of my fridge and it is next to a window. As long as your phone/laptop is able to connect to your wifi router.

As Apple user and if you are having Zain SIM in your iPhone, you can try the two new services called "WiFi Calling" and "Voice over LTE". No additional charges but you will have good voice quality.

How to enable them:
1) Go to Settings -> General -> About. Make sure that you have version 9.3.2 and Carrier Zain KSA 24.1. If yes then
2) Go to Settings -> Phone -> Turn ON Wi-Fi Calling

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