WiFi at Riyadh airport

Is WiFi available at Riyadh airport in Arrivals lounge

Yep, on all coffee shops (paid service).

thanks TLL

Just out of curiosity - is there an arrival lounge at the Riyadh airport?

Nope, only departure lounges.

Yep Logo of WiFi on all coffee shops, but not working at a single location ( a week back ), Hope it is restored !!!:)

Also, Boingo doesn't cover Khalid Airport so the subscription is useless if you're planning to pay for one.

The best option is to buy the internet sim card available with many "BANGALI" sweepers, you could pay as low as 10 SAR for STC and utilise the 40 mb internet FOC, these sims are already activated (no idea how do they do it) but this is the most cheapest and workable solution !!

Free in business lounge.

Is wofi available at Riyadh Airport Nd is it for free ? or How Much It will Cost

Yes it's available for free for few hours at the KKIA terminal !!

Yes. It's available and I have used it.

This is a useful link. Check it near the end. It states 240 minutes. I don't remember for how long it was free but can't recall 4 hours of usage.

Yes it is available.

If you are having iPhone with Zain then just turn on your wifi and it should automatically connect to the wifi "ZainKSA WiFi".

If you are having Android with Zain then connect to wifi "ZainKSA WiFi" then change the EAP method from "PEAP" to "SIM" then set to "Auto connect". Next time when you are in the airport, it will automatically connect to the airport wifi.

It is free... not consumed from your data quota or credit

Password for alfursan wifi

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