I want to transfer my stc internet connection

Assalam alaikum all brothers i want your valuable help,am in riyadh right nowas i want to transfer my stc internet 10mbps connection to one of my friend actually my problem is all of a sudden my company had to transfer me riyadh and i stay 6years almost in Dammam and now transferred to riyadh and my connection is still in Dammam can you please suggest me can i transfer my account to dammam friend ? Do i need him with me here in riyadh if i need to transfer ? Help me out this problem brothers... Thank you in advance

You need to visit their office on the intersection of Malik Fahad with Tahlia.
You both have to visit. The service person there will take you through the procedure.

Thanks for your reply bro... Can you tell me is it possible to transfer me only here in riyadh without the presence of my friend ??

No, both parties have to be there. They need to verify identities and take consents.

Thanks again can you tell me if i want to cancel my connection can i do it in riyadh itself ? Then it will be ok or do i need to go dammam for disconnect beo?

It's ok to disconnect in Rio

Thank you brother

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