I have a job starting in Al Khobar and my Wife has a job starting in Bahrain. We plan on living in Bahrain along with our Daughter who is 6 years old.

The company my Wife will be working for are having difficulty organising sponsorship for our Daughter due to the fact that the desired sponsorship is under my Wife's residency status. If it was under mine (male, last time I checked) it would not be a problem however to sponsor a child, my Wife needs to be either divorced or widowed. 

My residency will be KSA sponsored through the Saudi company I will be working for.

Does anybody have any advice or know the easiest way around this? I know that plenty of men work in Saudi while living in Bahrain with their family so there must be somebody out there who has overcome this hurdle. 

Thanks in advance!

there was someone whose husband also worked for your company on here from the Netherlands asking pretty much the same thing recently. She said schools wouldn't accept the children without CPR cards but that they couldn't get them because the mother couldn't get one.

If anyone has any answers for you, they will also apply to her. That thread didn't reveal anything useful though.

I know plenty of guys who work over there and who have spouses here, but not one of them has children. We don't have kids ourselves so it's not something I'm familiar with I'm afraid.

Cheers Sam,

I've spoken to somebody who believes that once you have KSA residency, getting Bahraini residency is pretty straightforward. It looks like I may have to get the little one sponsored in KSA first then maybe we will both apply for Bahraini residency rights. My contact is telling me it's not a problem but we'll see.......

The best way to do so, is get your daughter a Saudi Iqama. From there on, your daughter will have easy entry to bahrain through the causeway.

After you rent your place in bahrain, through the landlord you can get a temporary CPR that won't be a smartcard like your wife, but i think schools accept children with these types.

The Dutch lady was reporting that schools said the children needed actual CPR cards. If I were you I would check this specifically with the schools you are targeting. It would be horrendous to go to all this trouble and then find out at the end of the day that there's no way to enroll them.

And once you find out... post the results back here!

My Colleague, working in Saudi and Living in Bahrain has just brought his family over from home.
As he is sponsored by a company in KSA, the family first had to come to KSA and obtain Iqama for all family members. Once you have an Iqama you can easily cross to Bahrain via the causeway and even rent a place and live in Bahrain without a CPR. Of course then the family would have to visit KSA every two weeks to renew the stay of their Bahrain visa.
Also once you have the Iqama, then you can apply for CPR in Bahrain.
He enrolled his kids into school without CPR, only the passport was required, but the school stated they would have to have the CPR before the kids can actually start going to the school.
Hope this helps some people

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