How is life in Dubai ??

Hello all,

I would like to have some point of views from people living in Dubai.

How is life there ? I have to figure out if the life would be good for me or not :)

I know already it is very expensive, especially for accommodation. But I would like to read from you if you like there. What are the possibilities for going out, extra work activities, "culture", expat community...

Thanks a lot for your opinion !!

Dubai is truly an international city.
Imagine where the government had established happiness meters all across the city to make sure you are happy irrespective of your background.

You name it and they have that already in Dubai. Be it any activity, experience, culture, atmosphere...
And if they are not having it, most probably they are already building it.
This city is like a small world in itself.

I am a fan of Dubai.

Hi Nitin, Thanks a lot for your answer.
I've never been there yet, and I appreciate that you can find everything you want/need.
But don't you feel that the life is unreal? Because everything is new and if you like nature instead of malls, except for the desert, it does not seem to be the right place. Also as 80% of the population are expatriated people, I guess we have many communities but a lot segregated?

See that is the obvious point about Dubai. It lacks greenery.

What I was trying to say, as a big metro city they are managing it very well.
All kind of facilities you could imagine are here.

And the best thing is the mixed culture. I have never seen such harmony before. So many different people from all races and countries are here and yet everybody is respected and are happy.

I would not say Dubai is perfect. No place can be perfect. But you can always feel here that they are always improving and surprising you in a good way.

I see you have traveled a lot. My recommendation would be to give a try at least. Its definitely worth it.

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