Feedback on Al Warsan Village

Hi ,
Can I please have your feedback (positive / negative) on Al Warsan village (Opposite International City).
Just  wanted to know if it's a safe / reliable area for families.
Feedback on traffic , location, sewage, safety etc are much appreciated.
Thank you

better find in dso or al warqa if you really need close by. it is not really, good place for families. there are many reason.

Am living in international city...... I never had have any security or traffic issues, it's a good place to live for families ...... just one thing is missing here that is a beach.....

Hi Trisha; are you living in Warsan village now; if not what you have found not to move in there; i have read some news in Gulf news that the occupants having trouble with internet...If any one else can highlight some more insights it will be highly appreciated.

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