Orang Eire: Irish & internationally mixed community here in KL!

Hi everyone,

My name is Chloe Mackley, I'm Australian/Filipino and I play Gaelic Football here in Kuala Lumpur! I posted a very similar post to this one a few months ago but I'm re-posting as a little refresher if anyone new is looking to try out a new sport....... or just go for drinks with a great bunch of people! (Most of the people in this club are Irish so the drinking happens way too often)

A bit about us:
- Orang Eire was established in 2007, by a few Irish lads and ladies who were passionate about community and the sport of Gaelic Football!

- (Fun Fact) Our name "Orang Eire" is derived from the word "people" in Malay (Orang) and "Irish" in the Irish language (Eire).

- We have a ladies team, men's team and a kids team!

- Our ladies team is a big mix of awesome women from around the world - with maybe one or two actual Irish women! To name a few, we have players from England, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Spain & Iran!

- The men's team is almost entirely made of Irish men, but we do have players from Spain, England, Nigeria, Australia, Holland, etc. as well

- The age range in our club is pretty interesting! Our youngest player for the ladies team is 16, with the older gals being in their mid to late 30s and their 40s. Despite this, everyone treats each other as equals and as teammates. Players in their 20's are more than happy to have a night out on the pub crawl with the older crew!

.... If you couldn't tell, we're a very mixed and diverse club!

If you're interested in getting on board with our awesome crew, drop me a private message on here and I'll give you more details :D

Thanks everyone!


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Looking forward for you reply!

Best regards.
Eva Azlin

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