Staying with expired passport in Paraguay

Hello everyone,

After getting the permanent resident permit in Paraguay, what will happen if my passport expires and I don't renew it?
I assume that nobody (including police) will ask to see my passport once I get the permanent resident permit. Is this right?

My question may seem weird to you but actually I won't be able to just simply go to my country's embassy and renew my passport due to a long story.

You will never be asked for anything but your cedula (national ID card), if you have one as a resident foreigner.   The cedula will ID you as a foreign national, to include the nation you come from.    But for the standard ID card checks at police road blocks, or traffic police stops, all they care to see is your cedula.   Keep in mind though that this cedula is only good inside of Paraguay, it is NOT a travel document to surrounding countries.  For citizens of Paraguay it is, they can travel to any Mercosaur country with only their cedula and no passport.  But foreign residents must show their passports to get into Argentina, Bolivia or Brazil

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