Paraguay PR & After 3 Years Citizenship

Respected Friends,

My name is Sahil i live in Saudi Arabia country but I'm Pakistan National and my wife is Indian national the problem is she don't wanna be an Pakistan national and i don't wanna be an Indian national so we both decided to keep one citizenship from any other country except Pakistan or India. After so many long research i found Paraguay country where you can get citizenship easily after 3 years. So i work hard to found trustable Paraguay immigration lawyers Now i have 3 choice advice Needed on urgent basis.. My all documents are ready..

1) Jeronimo Finestra (FINESTRA Law Company)
2) Alice Neufeld Eitzen (Alice Neufeld & Asociados)
3) Andrew Henderson (Offshore Concierge, Nomad Capitalist)

Jeronimo Finestra (FINESTRA Law Company) :

Thank for enquiring about Paraguay.

To apply for permanent residency, you will need:

    A Visa to enter Paraguay (some nationalities don't require a Visa)
    Your birth certificate
    Marriage / divorce / widow / widower certificate (if you have that status)
    Police report records from your country or the country you been living in for the last 5 years
    An FBI report (in the case of US Citizens).

These documents have to be issued in the country of origin, legalized at the Foreign Ministry of that country and then legalized at the Paraguayan embassy or consulate in that country.

Once you arrive in Paraguay, these legalized documents are once more legalized by the Ministry of Foreign affairs. Also your Visa is rechecked (a procedure that takes 24 hours).

Further steps to take in Paraguay:

    Open a bank account and deposit US $5,000.

It's always a good idea to bring a simple bank reference from your local bank and any credit card or other bank documents, etc.

Further documents to be obtained in Paraguay:

    Medical certificate issued by a certified doctor in Paraguay saying that you are in good health and do not have any contagious diseases (you need to do some blood tests).
    A sworn declaration (affidavit) given before a Public Notary in Paraguay saying that you will obey all Paraguayan laws.
    An Interpol Certificate issued here (in addition to the one you might bring as a US citizen).
    A "Life and Residency Certificate" which is issued by the local police.
    A "Police Certificate for Foreigners", issued by the Police Department.

Once we have all papers ready, we file them at the Migration Office. If they don’t find any problems with the papers (so far none of our clients have had any problems), they will grant residency after a minimum 3 month period.

Then you apply for a "Cédula de Identidad", which can be obtained in 2 weeks to 1 month.

For the permanent residency application process you should be here for a period of 4-5 working days to get all papers together.

First make sure that all the documents issued in your country are legalized by the Paraguayan consulate there.

After you get residency you apply for a “cédula”, which is the National ID card. We file almost the same documents used for your permanent residency card. Plus, you will need a Residency Certificate, Foreigners Carnet from the Police office, and a legalization of your Interpol report from the Police Headquarters.

So there are two trips: one for residency 4-5 working days and a second trip for your “cedula” ID card of 3-4 working days. You can collect your residency card on your second trip and immediately apply for your ID card.

3 years after being granted permanent residency you can apply for citizenship.

Our fees depend on the individual circumstances. They cover taking you to all the offices, the doctor, the photographer, the laboratory for blood tests, etc.

On average there are 23 different steps required. Also we do the follow-up until your residency is granted.

50% of our fee is paid after we file the request at the Migration Office, i.e. at the end of the application process; the pending 50% is paid after we file the "cédula" (ID card) request.

For the "cédula", we accompany you again and also do the follow-up in order to get it issued.

The Official fees / expenses are additional to our fee and amount to around US$ 580. (Plan on a reserve of $100). These are rough figures and can change a little since they are charged in local currency.

    US$ 260 Migration Office Fees
    US$ 100 for Birth Certificate, Police Report (FBI), legalization at Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Translation of Documents: US$ 40 or depending on how many documents
    Life and Residency Certificate US$ 10
    Doctor fees: US$ 30
    Lab tests US$ 40-60
    Report from the National Police US$ 10
    Sworn Declaration US$ 20
    Visa Verification US$ 20
    Authentication of copies US$ 20

If you are married / divorced / widower, prices will increase a little because of the certificate that has to be legalized and translated too.

I hope that the information supplied will be useful, and I remain at your disposal for any further queries.

Kind regards,

Jerónimo Finestra
Attorney at Law

Alice Neufeld Eitzen (Alice Neufeld & Asociados):

Thank you for your email and your interest in our company.

Once you have decided to use our service, the next steps are required, starting with your application for the Paraguayan Residency and Cedula (your Identity Card).

For this you need to obtain following documents in original:

·        Birth Certificate

·        Marriage Certificate (if you have)

·        Criminal background check (this certificate is only valid for 3 months!)

·        Tourist VISA for Paraguay

All these documents first need an Apostille by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where the documents were issued and finally the legalization by a Paraguayan embassy which in your case is located in Lebanon.

Once you have those documents, it saves time and trouble if you scan then and email them to us to check. After we have reviewed them and given you our opinion that they are in good order, it will help expedite things on this end if you send them via courier to us along with 4 (four) photo IDs 3x4 two weeks prior to your arrival in Paraguay.

You will need to bring US$ 5,000 in order to open a bank account in Paraguay, a prerequisite for receiving the Paraguayan Residency. You can close the bank account and withdraw your money in full if you wish as soon as you have received your Paraguayan residency, please allow approximately 6 month waiting time, this requirement is necessary for person that has reached 18 years of age. In case you are married, the amount is only US$ 5000, but you will also have to present your marriage certificate in that case.

Planning for Your Visit to Paraguay

Every person who applies for Residency and a Cedula must personally come to Asuncion. For that trip, please allocate at least 5 full working days to complete the initial processing.

In Paraguay (we will work side by side with you to assure all of your local arrangements are completed during your stay, managing translations, arranging for a basic medical exam, visiting government offices to submit your residency registration etc.) Provided all of your paperwork is complete and in order before you arrive, then everything will be taken care of by us and is already included in your package!

We only ask you to coordinate your visit with us so we can prepare for your visit.

Once you have received your Paraguayan residency (Admisión Permanente), you can apply for the Paraguayan ID (Cédula), which again requires your presence in Paraguay for approximately 2 working day. Then, after a processing time of around one month, you will receive the Paraguayan ID which establishes your legal identity in Paraguay, allowing you most of the same rights as any Paraguayan, for example to start a business, buy property, travel into the country without a visa and to live in Paraguay as a resident for as long as you want.

Please note:

- The price does not include VISA tramitation which is another process with a Paraguayan Embassy or consulate, in case of irregularities please contact us.   

- There is NO minimum time required to stay in Paraguay - neither to obtain nor to maintain Paraguayan residency!

- Paraguayan residency is valid life-long - only the Paraguayan ID is to be renewed every 10 years again: without any requirements of a minimum stay in the country!

The price for the package (PY residency + Cedula) at the time of this writing is US$ 5,000 for adults and 2500 US$ for minors under 14 years of age.

This package includes:

        Hotel selection following instructions from the client
        Certified translation of official documents to Spanish
        Airport Transfer to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport
        Transport for Government offices and other offices to obtain the documents.
    Know how:
        Legal counsel
        Proper documentation processing
    Document Processing:
        Migration Process:
            Documents Legalization by the Foreign Affairs Ministry
            Permanent Admission Permit
            Identity Card
            Visa and Passport Legalization
        Public Notary:
            Sworn Declaration to abide the Paraguayan law
            Authentication of all documentation and copies
            Power of Attorney with public inscription
        Other Documentation: 
            Medical Examination
            Local Police Record
            Life and Residency
            Foreigners registration
        Opening a Bank Account
            Monitoring and complying with requirements
            Local Police record
            Life and Residence
        Weekly monitoring of the Migration Process state

The Paraguayan state offices are allowed and may ask for further documentation in order to process some applications. This are the standard requirements for you specifical area.

Receiving the Paraguayan residency is a first step to applying for a Paraguayan passport, if you so desire. However, before beginning that process a period of three years must lapse.

If you have any questions, please let us know. 

We look forward to hear from you soon.

With best regards,

Alice Neufeld & Asociados
Gumersindo Sosa 1461
casi Santa Teresa
Barrio Ycua Sati
Asuncion, Paraguay

Ph: +595 21 610 914
Ph/Fax: +595 21 610 913

Cel: +595 981 870 222
Cel: +595 981 449 654
Skype: aliceneufeldpy

Andrew Henderson (Offshore Concierge, Nomad Capitalist):

Application Timeline: 3 – 6 months
Visits Required: Yes
Naturalization Timeline: 3 years
Minimum Investment: Bank deposit of US$5,200

We work with you to handle the residency proposal from start to finish, and include all of these services
in your package:

  Legal advice from our lawyers
  Drafting and filing of all documents needed for the process
  Authentication of documents for immigration
  Maintaining communication with the immigration office
  Translation of your documents for use in the country
  In-country documents needed by the local government

Second passport consultations and recommendations are made through Nomad Capitalist, Limited, a Hong Kong company, which is not a lawyer
nor a licensed lawyer referral service. Recommendations made by Nomad Capitalist are based on our own research and not any legal opinion.
Consultation fees paid to Nomad Capitalist are NOT for legal advice, nor are they refundable. Our recommendations and referrals are based solely
on the best interest of each individual, not because we may or may not receive compensation from referral partners when you complete a

Registering of your passport
Documentation for any dependents
Preparation of all government affidavits
Multiple entry visa addition

Main Applicant: $6,500
(For Non OECD citizens: additional $6,500)
Each Additional: $3,250

Terms: 100% upfront. Fees do not include the bank deposit.
To start the process, simply sign this proposal below. The initial payment is due upon agreement. You
understand that our service cannot guarantee outcomes determined by a foreign government, and that
we have advised you of any potential risks involved.

Our total fee for one person will be $13,000 because you are coming from a non-OECD country. We need $1,000 right now, and the remaining $12,000 can be wired to us before we submit the paperwork. This does not include the bank deposit.​ You will need to visit Paraguay when your application is approved in a few months, and then at least one day per year until your citizenship is approved in a minimum timeframe of three years.

This 3 immigration lawyer i found Kindly advice and help which one i go for ?

Thank you
with best regards

The last one Andrew is not an attorney but someone who sells offshore services to expats all over the world.

Yeah i know but why they charge thousand of dollars ?

I think they all are just need money. They will not work properly. Its better that first take a tourist visa and go to that country and meet lawayer physically than you can get very cheap processing fees. The fees will not be more thaan 2000$ US.   If you have problem to get paraguay visit visa than go to Bolivia as this country is on arrivel visa for both of you. And from bolivia to paraguay is very easy to get visa.

thanks  for  full information

as I tell you I am Somali citizen live in Qatar
really I want the easy way to get permanent residency of Paraguay
me and my wife and 2 child
thanks a lot

great, one quick question, I see that we need PCC, for me I am indian but reside in Kuwait and need to get PCC from here. For PCC, they need some letter from embassy? any idea on this?

no one answer me  my application  that I want  the easy way residency in Paraguay

jaale :

no one answer me  my application  that I want  the easy way residency in Paraguay

There is no easy way. You should Google search for a Paraguayan Embassy and contact them.

Hi, any success stories please. I am interested for the same as well, need some guidance


go with first one , has a good reputation .

thanks, I have been following up with the first one since a month now.. even called him. but he doesnt seem to be interested. Anyone here who has gone through the process?


Ask for Lorena Laterra -Paraguay, you can trust , very professional .

Thanks. .any contact details?

hi im Nilalan from Sri Lanka want to know the process of moving to Paraguay any idea????

Contact Paraguay Consulate or read the many posts already written

I concur - the last one is a total scam artist.

Sxb did you get the permanent residency in Paraguay? I'm Somali and I live in Qatar too and I was planning to move there as well

It is a little possible but could get it

Hello everyone,

Please note that some irrelevant posts have been removed from this thread.

All the best,

Good job , thank you.


Hello ararat,
I'm tarek from bangladesh. I  have been working 8 years in lebanon.
You  are right . But my question is: is it true that bangladesh passport holder can get on arrival visa at the airport in bolvia? I have already contacted with embassy of bolivia in india. They  asked me visa is required.
Best regards

To qualify for a visa on arrival, you need to be a citizen of Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia or China (Taiwan).

If you are well prepared, and have a basic knowledge of Spanish, you do NOT need a lawyer or even a "helper" to obtain the necessary documents & to file your application with Migracciones in Paraguay.  Migracciones does a basic check of everything before they accept your application, and will tell you if you're missing something.

Do a search for "Gabtar" on this forum. He outlined the necessary steps very well.

I just got back from a 17 day trip Paraguay and was able to get everything done myself in 10 working days, despite a couple of little problems... I did have a Spanish speaking friend help me the first 2 days, but after that I was on my own and using public transportation.

I was told it would take 90 days for approval, but I am expecting a little longer than that. I gave a friend in Paraguay limited power of attorney to deal with Migracciones on my behalf if necessary. I plan to return to Paraguay permanently later this year, once permanent residency has been granted.

The first step is to make sure you have all the necessary documents you need from your home country, and have them legalised by the nearest Paraguayan embassy, and get a tourist visa if you don't qualify for the visa on arrival. … permanente

As for there being some sort of blacklist of countries whose citizens are NOT accepted, I really do not know if that is true.

Just one thing, my reply above was regarding the Visa on Arrival in Paraguay. I have no idea about Bolivia's requirements. This is the Paraguay forum; questions about Bolivia's should be asked on that forum.

LCan :

The first step is to make sure you have all the necessary documents you need from your home country, and have them legalised by the nearest Paraguayan embassy, and get a tourist visa if you don't qualify for the visa on arrival.

Apostille is much much easier way to go.

If your home country is part of the Apostille convention, yes, Apostille is easier.
However, Canada is not, so I had to have my docs legalised by the Paraguayan embassy.

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Any idea if a brazilian resident card holder(RNE)(not citizen) need to get Paraguayan residency and passport after 3 years ... how does it goes
Getting citizenship in brazil requires to live in here for 1 year plus the language test thats Portuguese to get your naturalization whereas it is not in the case of Paraguay
Can anyone be of any help in this scenario

Hello sahil give me ur whatsup number

Hi Sahil,

Thanks a lot for your details about Paraguay visa. Hope you are there now. I am in your situation right now. I need a help in choosing lawyers, so could you help me in that? from three which one you chose and how was your experience with them?



I was told than if you're an investor, there´s a faster way to get the P.R- Card

There's like a agreement between the Foreigners Affairs Department and the Investors one. So if you're interested in investing in Real State, or start a small business they are more sympathetic and helpful.

The person who helped me to get my documents here told me about it, so if you find it interesting just let me know.

Hi Mariagonzalezx,

Thanks a lot for your information. Yes, I do need more information about investment and buying property in Paraguay can you guide me dear in this matter.


Hi Friends,

Can anyone help me with it. Please!!

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Hi, if you would like to know anything about the immigration and business in Paraguay, please read: [link moderated]
I saw that some of you asked about the investors' visa in Paraguay.
So, the most important issue is the time frame, you can receive your permanent residence permit as an investor in only 1,5 month and it includes the issuance of your entry visa (registering the invitation letter) as well. For those expats, who wants to move to Paraguay but they need an entry visa, the investors' programme is the most simple choice.

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