Road Trip to Bahrain from Riyadh - Anyone interested?

Hey guys, i'm planning to go for a road trip to Bahrain on Friday 1st July,
i will be driving there alone in my car, and i'm looking for a company to get there ,explore the city, and have fun

so anyone interested, please contact me :)

What is there to explore in Bahrain :D

hahaha, well i will be going to dubai also if anyone is interested

That's much better, but again , i'd avoid Dubai during eid break, over priced at that time and it will feel like you're in an upgraded version of Saudi arabia as you'll be surrounded by Saudis'd wanna go back.

My suggestion drive to Bahrain and catch a flight to somewhere.

i just came back from Bahrain, and i love it, i would definitely go again and again, but i need company :)

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