How to buy a house in kew district ?

Hello everyone !

I recently was interested to buy a property in kew district (prices between 600,000 and 750,000 pounds) but I never tried to get informations about mortgages and conditions required for getting a bank loan.
Yesterday, I tried to simulate a loan on HSBC website and my big surprise was to find out I only could borrow 224.000 pounds for a couple earning 80000 pounds per year. Supposing I would have a deposit of 100.000 pounds to buy our first property... Is it that impossible to buy a property near London ???
I may be a bit naive but I never get into loans and such things so some of you probably won't be surprised as I was.
Can someone explain me or introduce me to properties system in the UK, especially in London ?



Try Hallifax Bank.  They've just updated their Mortgage Requirements last week;

Mortgage. Halifax Bank
Will give you a Mortgage up until your 80 - and they've also extended their Mortgage time frame out to 25 years - so long as you can prove you can pay it back!   Another option is to think of obtaining a
"Offset Mortgage" -
Offset or revolving credit mortgages can mean you repay your mortgage more rapidly than with a standard mortgage – as long as you’re financially disciplined.   "DISCIPLINED" - That's the key to paying IFC your Mortgage in 1/2 the time frame!  This Offset Mortgage is the option we plan to go with!  Otherwise, Halifax.
Here's some links to hopefully help.  The Halifax calculator is a fun tool.  Google link included for info on a Offset Mortgages to read the pros and cons of obtaining a Offset Mortgage!  Wishing you Good Luck with your options / decision! … ent=safari … ent=safari

Halifax UK | Buy a home or remortgage with Halifax | Mortgages … GwodbMoAaQ

Halifax UK | Mortgage Calculator | Mortgages … alculator/

Thank you very much Aussie dreamer for your time and the gret eplanation you gave... I 'll right away go for a try on halifax bank.


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