Anyone using other expat websites

Is anyone using any other expat groups, meet-ups, forums, etc for Iasi that you know about and would share with me?

Please note that the promoting of external groups / expat sites is not permitted on the forum here, according to the Romania Forum Code of Conduct.

This information can be shared privately via PM however.

Romaniac Experts Team

Hi, Wasn't promoting. Just asking! Thanks

MGBalive :

Hi, Wasn't promoting. Just asking! Thanks

I wasn't accusing you MGB, just reminding in advance those that might reply :)

EDIT: While there are a number of expats in Iasi of course, many are students going to the medical/pharmacy university I think.  Otherwise expats here aren't well connected online, unless we happen to run into each other by circumstance or via our social circles.  I'd like to change this though :)

There is a facebook group which you can find by searching.


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