How to make friends in Romania

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Romania :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Romania??

Thanks in advance for your participation

I lived in this country and I must say that people here are very friendly. And many of those who actually speak English would be glad to meet foreigners. As long as they are not annoying, of course, lol.
Bars, pubs and clubs would be enough for meeting them.

When I first went there I hired a girl to be my translater for $100 a month this was 7 years ago. She helped me find a place and I through a small party and told her to invite friends and friends of friends. I made friends I still have today including my best friend. Another thing I did was quite risky I used a website called in the right upper corner you can select English. I met a few people this way who became good friends but mostly people go there to find sex. You really have to watch out since Romanian men and women are very good at scamming. Beware of new friends asking for money for sick relatives and every other thing under the moon. in order to find out how you can discover Bucharest and Romania through the eyes of an historian, architect, painter, politician, anthropologist and many many more.

Also, it is a good and SAFE way to meet up with other expats living in Bucharest.

Looking forward to having you at our next Expat Event which will take place on the 30th of January 2010.

Register at: alecsandra[at]

i am looking for a romania girl to settle with me, loving, caring

@teiubes, i dont think this is the right place to do marriage proposals....
and @ aroundtheworld, not only romanian men and women are good at scamming,they all are.

Im am an asian girl staying in Constanta Romania as a tourist for 3 months.I was here for almost 2 weeks but i still did not meet a filipino people here,i wonder if theres a filipino or filipina living here?It would be so pleasure if i meet someone here in this city..Thank you..

I dont think there is a lot of filipinos in CTA or maybe even none. However there are plenty in Bucharest, mostly working as nannies. Thats the new trend here with the rich & famous, asian nannies.

The subsequent 1/2-year summary refers to the following circus:

- Attendees: ca 875 (25 weeks x 35; includes all meetups)
- Business cards exchanged: est. 3750 (25 x 15 x 10)
- Trade volume: 420 Mio Lei (my personal wild estimate), ask Tudor for more accurate numbers
- Achieved network density: only brain cells are denser connected
- New jobs arranged (mediated): I know of 2, but could be easily more
- New couples: I observed 3, but wouldn't be surprised if there were more
- Newborns: 1 upcoming (or only 1 admitted so far?)
- Beer consumed: we aren't excessive drinkers, but I think Elmar has the record
- Injuries: 1 only (hot tea accident), which is a pretty low number given the amount of co-motion our meetup has created)
- Meetup spin offs: Elmar's BH3 (Hash Harrier), Marina's Select Group, Tudor talked about creating a business meetup
- Meetups supported: Salsa-Network Circus (Valentina), BH3 (Elmar), Internations (Natalie & Delia), Gourmet (Andrea)
- Languages spoken: apart from African and Asian languages we cover probably all main language groups.
- Nationalities: ca. 50% Romanians and 50% other Earthlings, + Extraterrestrial creatures if you've watched MIB (men in black) - I think Ricardo is one - he suddenly disappeared, maybe to another universe.
- Bars visited: innumerous, and some still to be discovered
- Dance lessons taken: ask the Salsa members for statistics
- Songs performed: ca. 25, including one birthday song
- ELP synonyms: Exploring Lipscani Precisely, Everyone Loves Practicing languages, Everyone Likes Polka, Eating Lollipops Permanently,...
- Number of meetups: doubled
- Conclusion: We are the liveliest group in Bucuresti. We are so to say the MOTHER MEETUP; analogous to the mother-ship in Sci-Fi movies - always a crowd of smaller meetups around us that we are obliged to take under our wing.

Please do not make ads for external groups here: we don't go make ads for our elsewhere either!
Things can be organized with too :) Many of our forums around the world are organizing meet-ups with success!

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I have lived in Sighet for nearly ten years of and on and i have some good friends there.I have the advantage of first working there and then my wife is Romanian so i am imediately related to half the town. A lot of the time i wander around or sit on a terrace for coffee etc and people come up and talk, most of the time i havent got a clue who they are but it stops life being boreing.

International Women Association IWA, they meet every Tuesday at Intercontinental. it is a good starting point

Dear Christine,

Thank you much !

Could you please let me know - which time and where specufically in the Intercontinental?

Regards, Alexey.

I think she needs to contact iwa Bucharest, they have a website.

Do you still have contact information of this translator?  $100 a month is a very good deal (I'd imagine she would charge more these days though).  I'd appreciate it.  You can send me a private message if that's OK.  I don't know if that's possible.  I am new to this website.

rockiniowa :

Do you still have contact information of this translator?  $100 a month is a very good deal (I'd imagine she would charge more these days though).  I'd appreciate it.  You can send me a private message if that's OK.  I don't know if that's possible.  I am new to this website.

Please consult the BUSINESS DIRECTORY.  This topic has been inactive for several years

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