Any foreigners in Craiova?

Hello! Are there any foreigners in Craiova?
I will soon move in Craiova from Copenhagen, and I would be interested to meet, if there are any, the foreigners who are living there.
Thank you!

There are quite a few foreigners here and while most are students, i know a couple from Canada. I guess it depends on the type of folks you will want to meet with.

That's great. Thank you! :) I would love to meet you all.
I am a 26 years old romanian female and in the last 2years I lived in Denmark where I was a student. Recently, I got a job in Craiova and I will move there starting from January.
Craiova is new for me, I don't know anyone there and  it's also far from my hometown, so I will be an "alien" in my own country.
SO I look forward to meet you! :)
Happy holidays!
Best regards,

sorry not me

I am from USA and my wife and I live in Craiova. My wife, Ramona, is from Pitesti and we recently had to move to Craiova for my job so she also doesn't know anyone here. I'm sure she would be happy to meet you.


Great!. That's nice! I will come back with a message when I am there. :)
In the meantime, I wish you all Happy Holidays!


I will also be in Craiova starting from February. It's glad to meet with new friends.

Nice :) Unfortunately , i haven.t got yet the official job offer and i am a bit concerned,but i truely hope  to get some news next week and move in Craiova from February.


I am a foreigner!

AlinaGaffar :


I am a foreigner!

Perhaps you could introduce yourself, tell us where you're from, what you're doing in Craiova, a little background about yourself??

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I dont know.if you still want foreigners. I am from Israel but live in Craiova. I am in the 6th year of Medicine. I would like to meet if you still want :)

And yes. There are lots of forgeiners in Craiova. Approximately, in General Medicine there are 900 students registered in English section (English Language). I can say there are 200 forgeiners in Romanian Section.


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