Tax-Free Form?

Hey Guys!..

Any idea, what is tax-free form? how to re-claim/Claim it for below examples?

Some sports item bought from decathlon  or TV from saturn or something or even bicycle??

One pays a 19% value added tax (Mehrwersteuer) in Germany on most objects . This can be refunded if you take the purchase out of the country.

Theoretically, this could be done for most any purchase. But there is a lot of paperwork involved that has to be done by the seller at time of purchase. Nobody is going to bother with this for the purchase of a pack of gum. Some shops even promote that they will do this as a marketing strategy. One needs to present the purchase with the filled out, and validated, paper work at customs when leaving the country.

If one makes an expensive purchase intending to leave the country with it, it always pays to inquire when buying if they can fill out the forms. Even if they do not have a sign saying so, they might be willing if requested.

More details at: … n-germany/

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