Anyone know of a good auto mechanic in Budapest ?

We seem to need a new clutch job on our Toyota.
Had it parked at a mates place for over 6 months and parts got tight and hot when we started the ol' girl up.
Made is limping along to our place but need a clutch job.
We paid for one a couple years back but got scammed , they only adjusted the clutch and took our new parts and charged for a full service job.
Looking for a mechanic who may work from home.
Would rather not have to drive the car too far out of the city for the work, it slips too much when it gets heated up.
It's an older car, not looking to make it brand new just need it running so we can enjoy it for the summer. Getting too old to be pushing a broken car around.
We may be open to a mechanic who can tow the car to their shop, all depends on the final costs.
Thanks all...
Oh my husband speaks Hungarian so language is not an issue.

We have found a guy, will let everyone know how it works out for us, job set to be done on Monday...
Got a quote for 71,000 plus tax, see how that goes as well...

Here's one we did a couple of jobs with and his charges were reasonable, and did a good job, no scams yet! I don't even know his name as my partner is hungarian and she did the talking, I'm sharing his GPS coordinates, just take someone who speaks Hungarian with you.

Thanks will keep this info for another time, hopefully never need it though, we found a shop just outside of Budapest that did the job .
Couldn't wait, had to get our wheels.
So far so good, was only 71,000 parts and labor too.

How has this ended up ??

I remember last year when you were looking for somebody - did the place you found work out ok ??

Don't forget that even though I'm a little way out of BP , the trip is always worthwhile in terms of price / reliability / trustworthiness .......

I can recover stuff if needed, too !!

Toby Holland

So far so good with the new clutch job,will keep you in mind if we ever need another major repair, hope not any time so though.

Glad it seems all okay at the moment !!

Are you a mechanic in Budapest?
We are English and have broken down!! Need urgent assistance and help..!! If you can help please call me on xxx Nik

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Hope you found one & got sorted !!

there is a very good mechanic I can vouch for, his name is Csaba Lehocz, his girlfriend is called Erika Petró and she lives at no.4 Lakatos útca, just off Üllői útca, district 18 Pestszentimre, he lives around Akácfa útca in Budaórs. Unfortunately I don,t have his number anymore, but he is very reliable and won,t rip you off, she speak,s very good English too, so there,s no misunderstanding, I hope this helps, or maybe for future reference.

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