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Hello expat world, I currently run a cafe in Phnom Penh called Mère and am having difficulties knowing how and where to get our name out. I was thinking about contacting a radio station to get an ad on there but is that effective? Do locals and expats a like listen to the radio? I have all these ideas I would normally use in the USA but obviously, things are a bit different out here. The cafe is veered heavily towards expats so I am just looking for some advice on how I can reach them! Any help would be appreciated as I am still very new to PP and have to find my grounding. Thank you in advance :)

Well on a personal note I would like too there m where is it?

Oh spell check , I would like to go there myself , where is it?

Hey there, my wife and I would like to check it out as well. Just let us know where it is!

Sorry, I have no clue how to help you with the marketing thing!

haha Thanks guys! Mère Café is located on street 214 between 63 and 51. We are open 7 days a week, 7 am to 9 pm. Our cocktail menu is available everyday after 5 pm and we have live music Friday and Saturday nights. Please come join us anytime you want! :)

@ kawehierin > Please note that advertising your café is not allowed on, i invite you to register it in the business directory.

Hope that some other members will guide you on how you can market your café.

Thank you,

Priscilla  :cheers:

I might be there by the end of May, hope  to see you there.

Ah ok! My apologies, I will look in to that now. Thank you!

Hi !
I dont think radio ads is a good idea.
First figure out = who is Your main client ?
If tourists = they must know about You before coming here ( social media(like Facebook etc), tour agencies, tripadvisers and so on.

If expats = quite different.

I know some places , where expats and locals come to learn English ( private lessons ).
Expats coming to teach,
sometimes 1 private teacher is spending many hours for such private lessons.

So imagine whats the type of place it should be.

As for ads = You can advertise it among expats "for Your private English lessons"

Anyway You need:

-Your place must be easily found both for locals and for expats
-good wifi
-air conditioning
-good choice of coffee and drinks
-some meal

If it will be set for private lessons - consider good location for 2-3 people seats at the table.

Best regards



Radio ads won't be effective. I don't know any expats that listen to the radio. I would post interesting stuff in expats groups on facebook and instagram. Go to other places and meet people. Try to get a good reputation on trip advisor, even if it's mostly biased comments it's still heavily imporant. Talk to guesthouses, NGO's etc. Best of luck to you and your business.

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Dear Madam,
I am Cambodian man! I can help you for your target but now I am working in one school call ELT Elementary and Secondary School as HR Supervisor and I decided to look for the new challenge. I think we have the same objective.  Do you have any job opportunity for me to help you?

Your Faithful,
SOK Vanda

One more thing, I am a tutorial teacher who teach Khmer to foreigner using English to communicate and if I have chance to work for you, we can run classes for your clients who come to buy coffee from your shop and they can a student too but they need to buy before studying! Is it a good idea?

Try leboost, or candy publications.

In a highly competitive vertical.

You need to go around near by you cafe shop,  there so many cafe shop and they doing very well done ....

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