Dealing with emergency situations in Hong Kong

Hello everybody,

Dealing with unexpected situations abroad can be a very difficult matter. In order to better help expats and soon-to-be expats in Hong Kong face such tricky situations, we invite you to share your advice and experience.

What are the key emergency numbers you should know by heart?

In the event of a legal problem, an accident, a natural disaster, an injury or the death of a close family member, what are the first things to do in Hong Kong?

What are the things to plan ahead in order to better cope with such unexpected situations (registration at the Embassy, transport, medical, comprehensive insurance for instance)?

If you have gone through such experiences in Hong Kong, do not hesitate to share your story.

Thank you in advance!


Most expats here dont have a local doctor as the local doctors just see expats as someone they can extort money out of. Many expats tend to just take a visit to the A & E and bypass the doctor as all they will do is have you going back and forth to them while they wangle more of your hard earned money out of your pocket and then they will eventually send you to A & E. Dont bother wasting your timer and head straight there yourself. It costs HKD100 per day that you are there even if you have to stay overnight. The Hong Kong hospitals also put the NHS to shame so dont worry as the standards are very good.

I have been to local doctors and have had excellent service from them. However, when it comes to acupuncturists and bone setters you would be wise to have a chinese friend take you to one. Recently my friend took me to an acupuncturist her husband visits and my ankle which refused to heal for over a year is in a much better state now. The public hospitals are amazing and quite friendly. Most companies you work with will cover insurance so that should not be a problem.

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