Italian considering moving to Panama - help :)


I'm an Italian considering moving to Panama.

I'm a little confused there is a friendly nations visa (which doesn't apply for Italy from my understanding but applies for my other country of citizenship) or there appears to be a special agreement between Italy and Panama which allows for permanent residency (this is what I'm interested in).

1. Does anyone have an experience applying as an Italian for residency in Panama? And do you have any reliable sources of information that you could suggest?

2. Could someone suggest an affordable lawyer to assist in the process?

3. Is there any advice you could share that needs to be considered when making the move?

I hope someone out there can assist :)

Thankyou :)

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Sorry, I did not see this posting a month ago.  I used to work full time for a Panama law firm and published articles in The Visitor tourist newspaper explaining Panama laws to expats.  One of them covered the 1966 special treaty between Panama and Italy.  Basically, an Italian citizen (and dependent family) can come to Panama to set up a business or work here (no work permit required) and easily obtain permanent residency here leading to citizenship after 5 years.  Since Italians already enjoyed similar benefits, that is why Italy is not listed as one of the 50 Friendly Nations Visa program.

The article is too long to post here.  Send me a private message with you email address so I can send it to you free of any fees.

Steven Rich, MBA


Mi name is Raul Cedeño, and I'm a lawyer.

Yes, we have the Italy-Panama agreement, it's means that you can get permanent residence in our country in a easier and cheaper way.

For more information you can send me an email to raulcv.239[at]



I think there is confusion here.  I replied to an Italian's post about moving to Panama.  I do not want to move to Italy.

Steven Rich, MBA

Ciao ,
Il mio nome e' Luciano son un agente indipendente per il gruppo RE/MAX
Si noi italiani abbiamo un agevolazione per ricevere la residenza permanente qui a Panama.
Si chiama Conveno' Italia-Panama.

E una legge che e stata passata nel 1966  ti allego un articolo in Spagnolo del governo di panama che menziona l'accordo d' amicizia e marittimo fra le due nazioni. … má-italia

Sono a tua disposizione se hai altre domande o se hai bisogno di una mano.

Distinti Saluti


I don't think many Expats speak or write Italian.  I suggest you get a translation into English.  I also believe the rules do not allow advertising your business services on these forums.

Hello Steven ,
Please do not feel bad if i reach an Italian national in the mother language.
Also if you look at the link after it get approved it is a a link to the Panamanian government website that explain the law of Conveno Italia - Panama .

There is no business pushing just here helping a fellow Italian citizen.

Any other issues ?

Kind regards

By the way Steven , I'm an Italian Citizen my self ,i live in Panama full time and i do speak fluently 4 languages.
Hope this help clear your curiosity.

Kind regards

The link was broken here it is the correct link

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Feel free to private message me.   I will give you what help I can.

I am Italian and interested moving to Panama too what is your e-mail?

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