Finger Prints not matching

My wife finger prints is always not matching on airport either on arrival or departure from Riyadh Airport,every time she have to visit all the counters but without matching Jawazat stamp her passport and let her go.
How can i solve this issue?every time she have to wait long

Just go to any finger printing location again and speak to them about this issue . Ask them if they can cancel the current one and get a new one for your wife. They might do it if possible , if not they will direct you to passport office womens section where you can fix this. There is a finger printing location near to Salahuddin hotel after Oruba road.

wow, have you tried going to moi office and correcting the fingerprints?

i never visit any Moi office,well last time they updated on arrival in OCT 2015 at Riyadh Airport but during departure in Mar 16 it was not matching again  :)

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