In memorial of William James Woodward

Dear folks,
As we all heard the stories of our beloved William James Woodward. (For further info you can check this thread : … =4#3201889 )

And the difficulties the family are facing rite now to lay his body to rest, my aunt create this link

For anyone who is willing to help us.

I guess this is the best way to help someone who helped us a lot..




When I read your posts on the cost to send James' body back to Canada of US$30,000, I was totally schocked!!!

Having met James personally twice with his son and having shared many phone calls, I find the cost of $30,000 to be put to much better use to support his son.  James was a very practical person and to the point.

Do you actually have or know where James' body is?  Has he been cremated?  Here in Brasil, they bury the dead in 3 hours.  Are you sure he has not already been buried?

Are you sure that this was not a simple robbery which went terrible wrong?   The neighborhood where he lived was considered to be very dangerous as I went there and saw it for myself.

Best wishes,

John from Macae


On April 7, our family member James Woodward (originally from Hamilton, Ontario) who had lived in Brazil many years, was senselessly murdered in Macae, a city of about 200,000, 180 km north of Rio de Janeiro. He was 66.

We agreed to pay the required $10,000 to return his body to Canada, where we hoped to have him laid to rest at his reserved Hamilton plot next to his brother and father. However, that number quickly rose to $30,000, as we have been informed that the need for cremation of the body created legal hurdles and increasing costs.

We are hoping people will help us with the cost of bringing him back to Canada, our legal expenses and possibly reward money to help solve James' murder. … ian-murder

From my humble understanding of the Article Mr James is in storage and they want to cremate the body in Brazil and send the ashes back to Canada...
That is my very humble understanding of the situation from the article in the media written by Mr James son

The Problem Mr Macae is that your message system is set to private and none of the good people of the expat blog are able to be messaging you.

RIP James, I am very sad after reading this post

Sounds to me more like they are holding his body for ransom.   :nothappy:


I meant to post this notice on the 4th of June, but for some reason, I did not.   My most humble apologies.

James Woodward was born on the 4th of June, 1949.

Please give him a BIG Happy Birthday.

James died on the Thursday, the 7th of April, 2016.

I think of James every day for all of his kindness, his willingness to take the time to help strangers and friends, for his love for his son as only a father can do and for him being a MAN to be admired.

If anyone can provide any news/details on where his son is located or the contact info for James' son, please let me know.

Most sincerely and with all my love to you James.   Happy Birthday on the 4th of June and thank you so much for everything.

Best wishes to all.

Although I don't have any information about Mr. James' family, I must admit that he was and still is the heart and soul of the Brazil Forum.

I miss him and his advice :(

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