ANY NICE BLOGS or something??

Hi there!

I've been thinking of moving to the Netherlands someday, hopefully soon.

What is your favorite blog of expats in the Netherlands or something like that which you think it's actually helpful? :)
It would be much nicer if it's by South Korean and be written in English or Japanese.



Welcome Nozomi,

You can find what you're looking for in the BLOGS section, which you can sort by most liked.  They will also be in English!

Romaniac Experts Team

Hi Nozomi!

I'm living and working in Amsterdam currently.
And here is the most useful blog that I used when I came here.

It's written by Japanese but the author is not Japanese.
I hope this's gonna be helpful for your feature, though!

I don't know about helpful but I write a blog that takes a fun look at Dutch culture and my own strange story of living in the country:

I'm currently using for my practice and seems like it's quiet easy to follow.
All materials you can download for free. You just need to sign up and get the code to access.

Sometimes, I jump to to learn more words and check my progress

Oh! If you dont mind to watch Dutch cartoon I highly recommended Nintje(Miffy). Remember the way you have learnt your own language from young age!

Good luck


I moved here from Newport Beach, CA in 2010, after falling in love with Amsterdam. Share my adventures as an American expat in Holland at UnClogged in Amsterdam: An American Expat Plumbs Holland.

Of course, I'm partial to mine: UnClogged in Amsterdam: An American Expat Plumbs Holland. Check it out!

Thanks wordgeisha! I'm an American (Ohio) in the process of working through a 12 month goal of moving to Amsterdam with my wife and dog. Your blog seems promising and your insider access seems invaluable!

I'm mentoring several Americans interested in moving to the Netherlands and would be happy to add you to the mix and/or show you around when you visit. My personal email is ***Let me know if you have questions about the process and if you'd like to Skype about it sometime.

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