All you can eat? Ho Chi Minh

Hello everyone,

I was hoping someone knows a good all you can eat sushi place in Ho Chi Minh. I like to eat a lot but I hate having the price displayed on every sushi since I think it ruins the experience. If anyone knows a good place, please let me know.

Kind regards

Hi Danny,

When my friends were still in Vietnam, we used to go to a japanese restaurant on ground floor of Moevenpick hotel on Wednesday evening for that. When my friends left Vietnam, I haven't been there few years now and the hotel also changed name in to Eastin hotel or so. Maybe you can check if it's still there

MGallery (Hotel Des Arts) has fresh sashimi and sushi as part of their buffet at Saigon Kitchen.

All things considered, you probably want to avoid anywhere that's offering all you can eat fish...

I personally think "sushi" and "all you can eat" don't go well together. If you are looking for an affordable Japanese restaurant, there are Tokyo Deli and Sushi Bar, although the Japanese food connoisseurs might argue that those are not real Japanese restaurants.

Check out big hotel buffet like Sheraton , Niko, Legend, Caravelle etc.. they have some sushi, seafood,  lobster, crab, oyster and it's all you can eat and drink wine. The price is around 1,2m vnd + vat and service.

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